Consolidating PAC: 52 studios, 2 galleries, 1 shattered builder!

Cherished Melody: the waterside walk and Featured Artist gallery beyond, with one of the new studios just visible to the left

A week ago I wrote about one of the things that is keeping be busy – the consolidation work to unify the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC) into a single location.

Well, a week is a long time in Second Life šŸ™‚ , and it finally looks as if the major work is over and I’ll be getting back to more regularly scheduled blogging. The core of the building / landscaping is now done, and the work of transitioning artists from Holly Kai Park to Cherished Melody can shortly begin.

The view from the events space outside the PAC Gallery

It’s been an interesting project; with some 31 artists at Holly Kai Park, and 22 at Cherished Melody within an established setting, it was important we try to bring things together in a way the maintained the look and feel of what Audie had already established, whilst acknowledging we would also need to find space for at least one gallery for group exhibitions, and provide an events space for openings, etc.

Overall, and if I say so myself – and allowing for the fact a little bit of squeezing had to be carried out – thing seem to have turned out pretty well.

In all, Cherished Melody now has 52 indoor studios and two outdoor display areas for our 3D artists. In addition, we’ve actually managed to fit not one, but two gallery spaces into the location. One of these will be the PAC group gallery for exhibitions featuring group members, the second a Featured Artist / special exhibitions gallery (although the space can potentially be re-purposed to provide additional indoor / outdoor studio space, if that becomes a requirement). I’ve also bee able to work in a garden area for pop-up art displays by group members and their friends – although again, the current layout of this area is subject to revision, as it needs a little more brainstorming!

The revised Cherished Melody layout from the air

Most importantly, the work has allowed the water aspects of the setting to be maintained, particularly to the west, but also on the east side as well, with the two bodies of water connected through the water around the landing point that I hope adds to the sense of space within the setting. Admittedly, some of the new studios had to be places somewhat closer together – such is the nature of things – and this can be seen on the south side, where I took a courtyard design Audie used as my lead, but even in these spaces, incoming artists from Holly Kai Park should have a greater sense of space than their former home.

If you are a PAC member at Holly Kai Park, you’re welcome to hop over an take a look – but please, not we’re not quite ready for artists to start claiming spaces, so don’t lay down prims or anyone or start setting up just yet: we’ll let all of you know once we’re ready. Those who are curious about what’s been going on at Cherished Melody are also welcome to come have a look around.

The PAC Gallery, which has an open-air event space before it

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