A summer art fair in Second Life

Carmel Summer Art Fair

Currently open at the Carmel Art Community, is the Carmel Summer Art Fair, organised by Martha and Robert McFarren. It features an open-air display of art along the Carmel seafront road, offering visitor the opportunity to appreciate the art on display and pop into the local beach-side shops.

The festival is interesting in that it comprises Art from Robert McFarren and his guests, and five headline artists who were in turn given the opportunity to invite – if they wished – up to two artists each whose work they appreciate, to also exhibit two pieces of their own work.

Kody Meyers and Dhyezel Ravenhurst

This means the overall line-up is as follows:

  • Robert McFarren: CybeleMoon, Michel Bechir; John Huntsman, Tempest Rosca-Huntsman, Kisma Reidling, Secondhand Tutti, Viktor Savior, Anouk Lefavre and Pavel Stransky.
  • Raging Bellls: Dhyezel Ravenhurst and Kody Meyers.
  • Seiko Blessing: Micki Blessing and yours truly.
  • Bliss Enchantment.
  • Bubbles Song: Mara Telling and Lynx Luga.
  • Nils Urqhart Aneli Abeyante and Terra Merhyem.
Robert McFarren and Secondhand Tutti

Given the number of artists participating, the art on display presents a broad mix of styles and approaches. The focus does lean towards landscapes, but there is still a fair and attractive mix of work.

Alongside of the art festival, the Carmel Art and Crafts features an exhibition of Alps photography by Nils Urqhart, and the garden pavilion a further exhibition by  John and Tempest Rosca-Huntsma. All of which makes for an ideal visit for any lover of art in Second Life.

Seiko Blessing and Micki Blessing

As one of the invited artists, I’d like to thank Seiko for inviting me to join her at the festival; it is an honour and pleasure to be able to do so.

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