Konecta Art Gallery in Second Life

Konecta Art Gallery: Gonzalo Osuna’s Personal Collection

Gonzalo Osuna (Jon Rain) is the director of Konecta Radio, a streaming radio service based out of Bilbao, Spain. Offering a 24/7 service, Konecta has been streaming into Second Life and to the world since 2012. Gonzalo is also a patron of the arts in Second Life, and offers two gallery spaces at Konecta’s in-world home.

The first, on the ground level is an invited artist exhibition space. At the time of my visit, and through until June 28th, this is home to an exhibition by artist Dhyezl,entitled Travel Diary: Among Sand and Sea. On offer is a baker’s dozen of images depicting, as the name suggests, views that predominantly feature views that incorporate the sea and sands.

Konecta Art Gallery: Dhyezl

From tropical islands through to pyramids rising from a desert, it’s a mixture of landscapes from around Second Life, the majority of which are rendered in sun-washed tones that, with the more desert-like images, does much to add to their atmosphere and depth, giving them a richness of environment.

Other images in the set offer their own unique elements : the suggestion of clouds racing the sky over a coastal headland,the ageing, haunted beauty of a deserted fun fair as it fades into the arms of nature and more, all awaiting appreciation.

Konecta Art Gallery: Dhyezl

On the upper floor of the gallery is a special exhibition curated by Ciara Orssinni entitled Amoure Rouge. Comprising images obtained from the real world, it is described thus:

The red colour is always a sign of passion, danger, blood, sensuality, sex, and without a doubt it transmits strength with is own pulse.These photographs, studied by Ciara Orssinni from several aspects reflect all of those adjectives and much more – what everyone wants to imagine. Welcome to the world of “red hot” in “Amoure Rouge”: images transferred and obtained with the permission of the authors, from Pinterest, and whom you can follow on Konecta Radio.

Konecta Art Gallery: Amoure Rouge

A teleport from the ground level gallery offers the way up to a sky gallery that is also open to the public, offering a selection of art from Gonzalo’s personal collection.

At the time of my visit, the selection comprises pieces by Patrick Ireland, Sophie Marie Sinclair (Perpetua1010), Tayren Theas, Moora (Moora McMillan), Raging Bellls, Ana (oceanida) and … yours truly.

Given the names involved, this is a rich mix of of art from well-known Second Life artists – and I’m flattered to have a piece included among them.

Konecta Art Gallery: Gonzalo Osuna’s Personal Collection

Both galleries offer a worthwhile visit for any patron of the arts, and I’ve not hesitation in recommending both.

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Konecta Radio and Konecta Art are located on Carpathian Island, rated Moderate