Lundy Art Gallery in Second Life

The Lundy Art Gallery

Operated by Lee1 Olsen, the Lundy Art Gallery is a must-visit destination for all who appreciate Second Life art, offering as it does a broad cross-section of pieces by 2D and 3D artists.

At the time of my visit, the main hall of the gallery presented something of a historic look at Second Life, featuring artists who have joined the platform relatively recently, and those whose names are very much a part of the SL art landscape, helping as they have to establish and build artistic expression within the platform.

The Lundy Gallery: Barbara Borromeo (back). Mistero Hifeng (right) and Ciottolina Xue (foreground)

Within the hall, and split between the main floor and upper mezzanine, are pieces by Etamae, Eylinea, Gitu Aura, Barbara Borromeo, Rage Darkstone, Kerupa Flow, Mistero Hifeng, Wan Laryukov, JolieElle Parfort), Patrick Moya, Romy, Nayar, Bryn Oh, Vorum Short, Monroe Snook, Theda Tammas, Elle Thorkveld, Talullah Winterwolf, and CioTToLiNa Xue, to name just some of the artists present.

The Lundy Gallery: JolieElle Parfort

Despite the volume of art on display, the gallery structure is large enough and open enough to make any visit and an appreciation of the art a relaxed, easy affair. There is room to move, and space to see individual pieces or groups of pieces without feeling crowded out by the amount of art on offer.

If I’m understanding the posters at the entrance to the gallery, this ensemble exhibition will run through to mid-January before being replaced by the first to open in 2020, making it an ideal New Year visit. In addition to the main hall, the gallery has two smaller halls, each located in the wings to either side and accessible from both the lower and mezzanine levels. At the time of my end-of-2019 visit, these housed exhibitions by Ilyra Chardin and the inimitable Patrick Moya.

The Lundy Gallery: Theda Tammas

A stunning collection with a breadth and depth not often seen in SL.

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