All4Art in Second Life

All4Art: Black Rose

All4Art is a relatively new project set up by Carelyna Resident, intended to encourage the exhibition of art beyond galleries in-world and to make it more accessible to SL residents; a goal the group’s description describes thus:

The vision of this group is to make art inclusive and not limit them to the galleries in SL. This is a group of artists who are driven by the need to express themselves and create art for art’s sake. The artists will show their artworks in public places other than galleries in successive itinerant exhibitions.

– from the All4Art group description

All4Art: PatrickofIreland

In keeping with this ideal, the group’s latest exhibition opened on December 18th, 2019 in The Whale, a region described as “an urban town set in the English 1970s”, and apparently available for free-form roll-play and photography whilst embracing new age, hippy and biker group elements.

The art is featured across the region, both indoors and out, and so sits as a natural extension of the region’s environment. As a landing point is set, sign posts have been set up to help those interested in the art to find their way around- and thus offer something of a semi-guided tour of the region. The artists participating in the exhibition comprise: CliveDinngham, Katverde, Vivena, Black Rose, Mareena Farrasco, PatrickofIreland, Haveit Neox, Black Rose and Thus Yootz.

All4Art: Haveit Neox

The art itself is predominant 2D in nature, and richly varied in content. Katverde and her SL partner CliveDinngham between them present an intriguing set of SL landscapes, some of which offer interesting finishes: looking as though they have been painted on brick or scratched glass or corrugated surfaces. Black Rose, occupying a garden square not far from Katverde and CliveDinngham’s displays, shares more of her physical world paintings, while PatrickofIreland takes up residence in what might be an old industrial yard, his monochrome pieces imaginatively presented as large video advertising boards.

The industrial theme continues with Mareena Farrasco’s urban setting work, mounted on the side of a large warehouse, while across the alley and within a large factory building, Haveit Neox presents Neighbourhoods, a series of 3D models of city and townscapes. Rounding-out the exhibition, Vivena offers a selection of stunning landscape and Thus Yootz a series focused on sea and river craft that is wonderfully evocative.

All4Art: Thus Yootz

With much of the art available for sale, All4Art offers an excellent opportunity for collectors and appreciators of art alike to purchase and / or enjoy the art on display whilst exploring The Whale’s urban setting.

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