Reesla and Moki Yuitza at Club LA and Gallery

Club LA and Gallery: Reesla Chau and Moki Yuitza

Now open at Club LA and Gallery, curated by Wintergeist are two very contrasting exhibitions of art; the first in 2D and the other in 3D. Both will remain open through into the new year, and make for an interesting demonstration of art and creativity in Second Life.

The 2D art is presented by Reesla Chau, a Second Life photographer from Japan, who offers a portfolio of 16 avatar portraits focused on her own avatar in various locations around the grid. It’s a fascinating series of images richly showcasing Reesla’s eye for creating a scene and her use of angle and soft focus / depth of field.

Club LA and Gallery: Reesla Chau

In terms of the latter, I’d particularly draw attention to Summer Visit, on the wall immediately to the left on entering her exhibition space. But for one or two giveaways around the trees and leaves. it could so easily have been taken in a park in the physical world. Way Back is similarly engrossing due the the sheer realism folded within it.

Others in the series offer a digital take on classical portraiture-as-paintings – notably Windmill, The Moonlit Night and Country Road During Summer Vacation, the latter two of which again demonstrate Reesla’s marvellous use of depth of field. However, what is most engaging about Reesla’s work is her ability to tell a story with her photographs; every one of the 16 here whispers and entire story to those who stand before them.

Club LA and Gallery: Reesla Chau

The 3D art is presented by Moki Yuitza is entitled Rainbow Flakes. It’s a piece best seen with the viewer set to midday, rather than the region’s default time, and with local sounds enabled in order to hear the specially composed music by Daddio Dow.

Describing this piece isn’t easy; perhaps the best means of doing so is to refer to it as a coloured mobile of geometric forms set within a rainbow grid and turning slowly, it’s motion seemingly driven by the the gentle tones and vibrations of the music.

Club LA and Gallery: Moki Yuitza

It’s a fascinating piece, potentially hypnotic in form, colour and tone, and should be seen equally from both inside and outside of the surrounding grid in order to be full appreciated. However, fully quantifying it is something that’s very much an individual task. If not a mobile, I’d personally view Rainbow Flakes as a living kaleidoscope, free to change form and colour at will.

Two excellent exhibitions, both not to be missed.

Club LA and Gallery: Moki Yuitza

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