A Northern Shore in Second Life

Northern Shore, December 2019 – click any image for full size

On Sunday, December 8th, 2019 Elvira Kytori opened Northern Shore, a Full region forming part of her White Dunes estate. Primarily a residential region, it offers some waterfront public spaces.

Normally I’d be hesitant in blogging a region like this, simply because the public areas are so localised, and there is a risk of visitors accidentally intruding into tenant’s homes. However, Northern Shore  – as is often the way with Elvira’s designs – offers something just that little bit different.

Northern Shore, December 2019

To get directly to the point, Northern Shore is inspired by Stockholms skärgård, the Stockholm archipelago. The largest archipelago in Sweden, comprising approximately 24,000 islands and islets. Many are home to private houses, villages and small towns, and during the winter, the sea between come of the islands can freeze over. Most interestingly, all the the isles in the chain are subject to Allemansrätt (or “everyman’s right”), a law which gives anyone the right to go ashore or anchor on any ground not in the direct vicinity of buildings.

It is the rich diversity of islands within the archipelago that Elvira has sought to capture within the confines of a single region – and she has done so exceptionally well. Scattered across Northern Shore in such a way as to look entirely natural, is a series of islands and islets of varying sizes with rocky outcrops spaces around them. Some of these islands – notably the larger ones – have the rental properties on them, others off tributes to the fishing and formed a part of Skärgården’s history.

Northern Shore, December 2019

The landing point is to be found on one of the largest two islands in the group. It faces a broad, iced-over channel to face the waterfront of the other large island. Both offer working wharves for fishing boats – although none will be putting to sea given the presence of the ice. Wharves extend out into the waters, while boathouses, cabins, and places of business line the shore, although the paths and walks linking them are few: visitors must pick their way over the rocks in places.

Inland from these lie the rental houses, all of which are wooden built, their exterior boards painted in what might be seen as a “typical” Scandinavian look. These sit within their own parcels, many of which can be distinguished by gate and fence or line of trees; others may not be so obviously demarked – hence the need for care when exploring.

Northern Shore, December 2019

Travelling between islands is a matter of walking on the ice – or, if you prefer, by skating (which is welcomed) by those with skates. But again, be aware that several of the smaller, outer islands are also given over to rentals and may not offer much in the way of public spaces.

For those interested in living within this northern winter setting, the parcels in the region can be rented via the mail boxes on their walls. For those who enjoy photography, images can be submitted to the White Dunes estate Flickr group. While for those who enjoy exploring Second Life, the region makes for an engaging visit.

Northern Shore, December 2019

With thanks to Shawn for the pointer!

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