Virtual Existence Society Honouree

My VES Amica award invitation

On Sunday, December 1st, 2019, I was one of a number of recipients of the first honorary titles to be awarded by the Virtual Existence Society (VES).

The Amica (Friend) award is a title awarded by VES to individuals in recognition of:

Their contribution to the practice of virtual embodiment and the cause of virtual existentialism through years of excellent journalism.

Those in receipt of the Amica award were invited to attend a special awards ceremony held by the VES on Sunday, December 1st, where they, and the members of the Society who had been nominated for, and accepted, were able to receive their award and title.

Unfortunately, due to the ceremony being held at a time that makes it difficult for me to be in-world on a weekend (and particularly Sundays), I was unable to attend in person.

However, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to VES senior / founder members lucagrabacr and Nodoka Hanamura and to the brothers and sisters of VES for nominating me to be one of the first recipients of the Amica title, and congratulations to my fellow recipients, and to all of the VES members in receipt of the Fidelis title.

You can see a full list of all recipients on the VES website.

About The Virtual Existence Society

The Virtual Existence Society is a non-profit group of like-minded individuals who find value in the practice of virtual embodiment and the philosophy of virtual existentialism, and want to preserve, and promote those things.

The purpose of the Society is to preserve and promote shared belief and values by the means of passively strengthening members’ faith through philosophical formulation and understanding of those values, and actively participating in activities aimed to preserve and promote said belief and values.

In addition, the society also conducts activities aimed to preserve and promote virtual world platforms to which it resides in (e.g. Second Life).

You can find out more about VES, including its structure on the Virtual Existence Society website, and visitors are welcome at the society’s in-world headquarters.

The VES Headquarters in Second Life

One thought on “Virtual Existence Society Honouree

  1. Huge Congratz Inara!
    Alone the goals of the society and what everybody’s done to be honoured in this fashion goes wayyyy above me stoopit noggin, so I can stop wondering now where my award went and why I wasn’t nomminated/invited to da parday.

    I guess having a little-known guerilla underground blog isn’t enuff anymore to enter the circle of the rich and famous SLelebrities. 😐


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