2Lei and a return to a Lost Town in Second Life

Lost Town: Cecilia Nansen – 2Lei 10th edition

In previewing the 2019 2Lei No Violence! season to raise awareness of the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, I was surprised to see that one of the exhibition centres for this year is Lost Town – La Citta’ Perduta.

Surprised, because between 2012 and 2014, the Lost Town was a regular destination for me in exploring the arts in SL (in fact, it’s the place where I first made an attempt at a “full” SL machinima). However, somewhere along the way, I lost track of the location (I actually thought it had closed!) – so my apologies to sivi Kelberry, the region’s holder, for doing so.

Lost Town: Eve Pearl – – 2Lei 10th edition

For the 10th 2Lei edition, Lost Town is hosting exhibitions by Cecilia Nansen, Dixmix Source, Eve Pearl, Hillany Schofield, Mistero Hifeng, Moya Patrick, and Nevereux. This is an accomplished group of artists, and the art is equally so. As such, each of the displays presented in Lost Town has a particular attractiveness and message.

Some of the exhibits tackle the subject of violence against women head-on, as with Mistrero Hifeng’s Di quel che e’ stato non resta, which is startling in its context and presentation. Others focus more on the beauty and femininity of women, an approach that is particularly effective given the primary subject matter for the season. This can be seen through Eve Pearl’s images, for example.

Lost Town: Mistero Hifeng, – 2Lei 10th edition

Still others provide something of the hidden truths of the violence that can exists within a seemingly loving relationship. Note the hard, cold look evident in the male of Dixmix’s images, and the pose / look of the female – her looks suggestive of a desire to please that could go beyond a “simple” desire to show love.

However, I confess to finding Cecilia Nansen’s triptych of monochrome images especially powerful. From the hand raised in a appeal to stop / to be left alone, through the eyes closed against tears, to the line of blood trickling from a nostril, these three images convey all that needs to be said about the hurt and terror of domestic violence.

Lost Town: Dixmix Source – – 2Lei 10th edition

Evocative throughout, all of the displays offered in Lost Town are all emotive in content and should not be missed. For more information on the 10th Edition of 2Lei’s No Violence! season, please refer to my preview piece: No Violence! the 2Lei 10th edition in Second Life.

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