A visit to Fusion in Second Life

Fusion, November 2019 – click on any image for full size

ElizabethNantes has a reputation for producing some eye-catching region designs (see Follow your Bliss in Second Life, March 2016; and Following an Oriental Bliss in Second Life, July 2017). she now has a new design that is elegantly simple yet perfect for keen photographers.

Fusion is a Full region that features an urban setting of distinctly Japanese looks, complete with some stunning wall paintings which are, I believe, also Elizabeth’s own work. Located on a sky platform, the setting is a lot smaller than the area for a region, but there is a lot packed into it to keep visitors engaged.

Fusion, November 2019

Such is the size of build, a blow-by-blow description is perhaps overkill; from the landing point, situated within a concrete block of a building that offers the opportunity to join the local group (L$500 fee, rezzing rights granted), it is easy to find one’s way around the town, given the buildings are set around a series of small roads.

Which is not to say there is nothing to see; this is a place where attention to detail has produced a setting worth taking the time to appreciate.

Fusion, November 2019

Take, for example the marketplace just outside of the landing point building. Offering multiple food outlets, it points the way to a sake bar with adult overtones, but which also offers a place to sit. Eastwards, across a central square bounded on two sides by apartment houses is a school with furnished classrooms, playground and general facilities.

To the west, the town gives way to a ribbon of countryside sitting between buildings and cliff-like surround. This offers a haven of peace from the possible hustle of the city. Water tumbles from the north end of this reach, feeding a stream that flows rapidly south to enter a large pool. With a opportunity to fish and places to sit and appreciate the view. it offers a place of sanctuary typical of many a town or city environment, giving Fusion a further sense of reality.

Fusion, November 2019

With plenty of opportunities for avatar photography, Fusion makes for an engaging visit that does not over-tax one system, but offers opportunities for discovery, all wrapped in a gentle sound scape. Recommended.

SLurl Details

  • Fusion (Fleur de Sel, rated Adult)


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the fee for joining group (for rez rights), thats a deal breaker for me. I understand that places need funds to stay open but $500 is to much.


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