Sansar: live from the Official Star Trek 2019 Convention

Sansar brings you Star Trek Las Vegas

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a Star Trek fan. I started on a diet of re-runs of The Original Series (which remains my overall favourite, simply because I started watching it at an impressionable age, my early teens), and quickly got hooked on The Next Generation. Within Second Life, I’ve reflected this interest by writing about various Trek-related events or activities (see A Starship Enterprise in Second Life big enough for an avatar crew and Having a little fun with starships for example).

However, when it comes to Star Trek, Sansar is perhaps the place to be. I’ve written in the past about the reproduction of the bridge of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. It’s not entirely accurate, but it is nevertheless impressive. There’s also the Roddenberry Nexus.

Sansar: Roddenberry Nexus; Inara Pey, August 2018, on FlickrSansar: Roddenberry Nexus

These experiences reflect a partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment, which has also seen the broadcasting of the Roddenberry Entertainment’s mission Logs podcasts into Sansar, trivia competitions, and Q&A events with acknowledged Trek experts.

This involvement with Trek continues this weekend with Sansar providing access to Star Trek cast members and guest stars who are attending the Official Star Trek Convention taking place in Las Vegas.

Suzi Plakston – one of the STLV convention guests who can be seen via Sansar

These events comprise:

  • “Live From” on Thursday, August 1st, Friday, August 2nd, Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th from 09:00 PDT, with guests:
    • Suzie Plakson (K’Ehleyr / Lt. Selar, M.D. in Star Trek: The Next Generation; Female Q, Star Trek: Voyager, Tarah, Star Trek: Enterprise).
    • John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox, Star Trek: Enterprise).
    • Jeffrey Combs (Brunt/Weyoun/Tiron, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine;  Penk, Star Trek: Voyager; Shran;  Krem, Star Trek: Enterprise).
    • Casey Biggs (Damar, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).
    • Tim Russ (Devor, Star Trek: The Next Generation; T’Kar, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Commander Tuvok, Star Trek: Voyager; USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B Bridge Officer (/”Tuvok”) Star Trek: Generations).
  • “Meet-and Greets” 30-minute sessions with:
The Roddenberry Theatre, by C3rb3rus, location for the Star Trek Las Vegas events

So, if you are a Trek fan (and have a PC!), make a note of the dates and times, and join the fun – I might even see you at some of the sessions 🙂 .