Linden Lab in wrongful termination lawsuit over alleged cybersecurity law violations

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Linden Lab has been hit by a wrongful termination lawsuit by a former employee, Kavya Pearlman, in which allegations are made over potential violations of cybersecurity laws.

A security expert, Kavya joined Linden Lab in August 2017, and worked to develop information security strategies, advising on state and international information security regulations, managing IS systems, and more. Her employment with the Lab was terminated in March of 2019.

She publicly announced her lawsuit via a 12-point Twitter thread. In it she states that her employment came at a time when she was engaged in a risk assessment exercise involving the New York State Department of Financial Services, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and the European General Data Protection Regulation, which came after a period when “the company treated me with hostility when I raised concerns about potential violations of cybersecurity laws.

The allegations would appear to encompass work related to the Lab’s subsidiary, Tilia Inc., and potentially both Sansar and Second Life – but Ms. Pearlman makes it clear that during her tenure at the Lab as Information Security Director, there were no security breaches.

Within the Twitter thread – and apparently within the lawsuit – she additionally alleges discrimination and retaliation on the basis of her gender and religion.

Given this is a lawsuit, and the fact I am neither a lawyer nor have I had any sight of the papers that have been filed, further comment on the lawsuit itself would be inappropriate, and I doubt that the Lab will reply to enquiries simply because this is a legal matter.

That said, and if and when possible, I’ll continue to watch this situation as it develops.

With thanks to John Brianna for the pointer.

11 thoughts on “Linden Lab in wrongful termination lawsuit over alleged cybersecurity law violations

  1. They gonna take SL away from us? And not because of what everyone would expect how it’s gonna end – bankruptcy caused by Sansar – but because of a disgruntled ex-labber with some religion and gender. Sounds very soap operatic for me. Drama for dramas sake.

    Pffff … Americans, ikr. :/

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    1. I have to admit; the statements about gender / religious discrimination made in the Twitter thread struck me as odd, given the Lab’s track record on diversity and inclusion when it comes to employment.

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      1. As you know we’re living in postfactual times and maybe Kavya Pearlman is one of those, you know, special snowflakes of the SJW variety and always freely invents facts as she thinks they should be to fit in her personal agenda. I mean how dare The Lab to question her expertise and fire her? Hell hath no fury like a SJW scorned. 😮

        They never quite get the distinction drawn between agency and agenda. 😦


  2. oh brother linden labs being linden labs again i see just more drama as if there isn’t enough drama and heartache in SL already

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  3. Having read the whole law suit. I was surprised. First whoever who attorney is went for every single accusation they could think of from age play to money laundering, to racism, sexism, – I mean frankly I am surprised they didn’t accuse Linden Research of being devil worshippers for good measure. It reads in my opinion as a highly frivolous suit, combined with her “give me money” approach on Twitter to “fund raise”. I suspect this will end up fully in LL’s favor.

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    1. As a personal opinion, and as noted in my reply to Orca, I found elements of the Twitter statements questionable. Reading the full papers (which became more generally after the announcement) raises further questions, with the additional claims – again as my personal opinion – failing to sit with what we’ve seen from Linden Lab as a company: inclusiveness, diversity, freedom of expression.


  4. “She additionally alleges discrimination and retaliation on the basis of her gender and religion.”

    Lost me there. Plus what anaisGiga is saying it is clear to me that Kavya Pearlman is just mad she got fired and in this day and age the oppressed victim card is played on a whim.

    For a company like LL with not that much money and desperate to branch out with projects like Blocksworld and Sansar, a lawsuit like this could kill them, throwing every employee out of a job and our beloved platform terminated.

    I hope karma gets to her soon.


  5. At last the questionable acts of that doubtful individual were identified. (My name is Kake Broek and the intolerance policy initiated by Kavya Pearlman ruined my 13 years 2dLife & my Flickr account)


  6. The title pic of Pearlman looking grim with “I am Gonna Show you How Strong I Am” is telling, IMO. The news release – on a non-professional site – is loaded with inaccuracies, gross language errors and hyperbole. If this person has filed lawsuit, her lawyer is surely chewing the walls after this utterly unprofessional display.
    I am ALWAYS ready to acknowledge corporate corruption and laud whistleblowers, but this stinks more than whatever that green thing is in the Tupperware at the back of my fridge.
    So far, I have seen NO evidence of lax regulations or lack of inclusion within SL. Whenever we have had an issue it has been solved quickly and efficiently.

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  7. It’s just too easy to blame the victim in this, isn’t it?

    LL ain’t staffed with angels at the top. Just because they use the same tired old lines of corporate denial that others all around the corporate globe use, doesn’t make them innocent.

    Why is it that an immigrant Muslim woman (three strikes against her automatically because – female, immigrant and Muslim) catches them with their pants down yet SHE must have an an axe to grind because they fired HER after all, so LL is therefore innocent?

    Do you realize how sickeningly hypocritical you all sound? If it had been a white western female in Pearlman’s position, you’ll all be jumping to her defense and raising your eyebrows at LL without a second thought.

    Don’t even try to deny it.


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