2019 SL User Groups 13/1: Simulator User Group

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Server Deployments

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for updates and news.

  • There was no deployment to the SLS (Main) channel on Tuesday, March 26th, leaving it on server maintenance package 19# Previously deployed to BlueSteel and LeTigre, this update contains:
    • Internal fixes.
    • The Environment Enhancement Project code.
  • On Wednesday, March 27th, the BlueSteel and LeTigre RC channels should be updated with server maintenance package 19#, comprising:
    • Internal Fixes
    • Removal of UDP Asset message handling – see below
  • There is no planned deployment to the Magnum RC channel, which should remain on server maintenance package 19#, comprising:
  • The new operating system update.
  • The Environment Enhancement Project code and all bug fixes for it.

Removal of UDP Asset Message Handling

The BlueSteel and LeTigre RC deployment sees the removal of server-side support for asset (inventory) messaging via UDP. All maintained viewers should be using HTTP for all asset handling – and this has been the case for a good few years for several asset types, with the last few moving to HTTP in 2017; as such these viewers will not be impacted by this deployment.

However, it does mean that anyone using very old viewers still reliant on UDP messaging for assets will not be able to receive any updates on regions on either BlueSteel or LeTigre – this includes the two legacy viewers provided by Linden Lab, the Linux Spur viewer and the Obsolete platform viewer, neither of which contain all of the HTTP asset fetching code.

If you hear someone on a BlueSteel or LeTigre region complaining they are constantly a cloud on those region, suggest to them they check their viewer, and perhaps move to a more recent version.

SL Viewer

  • Bakes on Mesh reached RC status with the release of version on Tuesday, March 26th.
    • For those not familiar with this project, Bakes on Mesh is a new feature to allow system avatar baked textures to be shown on mesh attachments. Currently you need this viewer to use it.
  • The Love Me Render RC viewer updated to version on Tuesday, March 26th.
  • The Estate Access Management RC viewer updated to version on Monday, March 25th.

The rest of the viewer pipelines remain as follows:

  • Current Release version, formerly the BugSplat RC viewer February 13, promoted February 28 No Change.
  • Release channel cohorts (please see my notes on manually installing RC viewer versions if you wish to install any release candidate(s) yourself):
  • Project viewers:
  • Linux Spur viewer, version, dated November 17, 2017 and promoted to release status 29 November – offered pending a Linux version of the Alex Ivy viewer code.
  • Obsolete platform viewer, version, May 8, 2015 – provided for users on Windows XP and OS X versions below 10.7.


6 thoughts on “2019 SL User Groups 13/1: Simulator User Group

  1. I believe your note about Bakes-on-Mesh only working on specific areas of the grid is obsolete.


    1. Actually, it’s the Lab’s note. I just failed to parse it while copying it from the viewer release notes!


  2. Is this a continuance of LL’s shifting of memory tasks to the User’s device instead of their own servers? And do you know anything about the new “Continent” located below the far east end of Sansara? It’s visible from the main map (although it disappears if you pull too far out). It is currently inaccessible and seems to have a water bridge stretching from Jugeot to itself and is also connected to the southeast corner of Sansara. If this is for real, it will make for a wondrous new ocean to either sail on or fly over.
    Also, how much Video Ram (card RAM) would you recommend? 2 gig, 4 gig, or more? Thaniks for the update regarding the communication situation involved with Inventory.


    1. “Is this a continuance of LL’s shifting of memory tasks to the User’s device instead of their own servers?”

      If you’re referring to the Asset messaging change, it’s simply removing the old UDP protocol message paths from the simulator code. It’s not shifting any load anywhere and no change in any memory tasks.

      ” And do you know anything about the new “Continent” located below the far east end of Sansara? ” – I believe that’s the new Premium Linden Homes continent. See: https://modemworld.me/2019/03/15/new-linden-homes-preview/ .


  3. hi, any information or comments about the recent troubles related to users being repeatedly disconnected from regions then logged out, after simcross or teleports ?


    1. I had planned to ask this myself… but with the current differences in time between the USA and UK, I was actually afk for pretty much the entire meeting, cooking :(.


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