Duna Gant at The Eye in Second Life

The Eye: Duna Gant

I first became aware of Duna Gant‘s art in 2018, during an ensemble exhibition in which she was presenting five avatar studies that quite captivated me. So when the opportunity came to see more of her work at The Eye art gallery, curated by Mona (MonaByte), I had to hop over and take a look.

Apparently untitled, this exhibition feature a baker’s dozen of Duna’s art, the focus here being on nature, and some of the pieces are extraordinary studies of flowers that offer an abundance of life within them – just pan your camera over the paintings close to the entrance to the exhibition to see for yourself.

The Eye: Duna Gant

You can see life, emotionally, in black and white, but I prefer to see it and live with it in colours. Colours as synonyms of diversity. Diversity of opinions, of perceptions, of creeds, of cultures, of sensibilities. It is what Nature around us shows us. an example of an infinite palette of colours in perfect harmony.

– Duna Gant, describing her exhibit at The Eye

These pieces are wonderfully delicate, but also rich in subtle colour and texture; the flowers such that you feel you could reach out and cup them gently in your fingers and inhale their scent.

Within the second half of the gallery space, the paintings become broader in scope, some reflecting nature’s seasons as well as her diversity of colour. Aquarelle, for example, suggests summertime on the river, while March and Winter speak for themselves in terms of season and title, but present both without the need for words through their use of colour.

The Eye: Duna Gant

Another engaging exhibition from a talented artist and painter.

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