Five Artists from Spain in Second Life

Diotima Art Gallery: Mario2 Helstein

Five Artists From Spain is the title of an exhibition at Diotima Art Gallery curated by Redi (Red Bikcin), that opened on Thursday, December 20th, 2018. It features, well, the work of five artists from Spain.

The five in question are: Duna Gant, Mario2 Helstein, Redi herself, the inimitable Kimeu Korg, and Peta Cometa (mariajo60).

Diotima Art Gallery: Duna Gant

“My art is always a reflection of my emotions,” Duna states in introducing her art and herself. This is certainly the case with the five pieces presented here. Each is an avatar study rendered as a painting, and each represents an emotional reaction: No, Why?, Yes, When?, and Silence.

Within each, the force of the emotional response is borne in both the colour palette used to present each study, and the repetition of the titular word itself.

Diotima Art Gallery: Peta Cometa

Facing Duna’s pieces are four untitled (at least in terms of their mounting) pieces by Pepa. Primarily avatar studies (there is perhaps a hint of mixed media in one), and are a n interesting mix that again play on emotions – albeit this time the emotions of the visitor. Are they indicative of happiness and / or gaiety, as suggested by the almost Hareliquinesque dress of one and the carnival-like mask of its neighbour? Or are they perhaps expressive of something else?

Kimeu’s work is always a delight to see; there is often a whimsy to his work that cannot fail to bring a smile to one’s lips. Here, he present four pieces, all of which strong feature the colour blue as a linking theme through both water and sky.

Diotima Art Gallery: Kimeu Korg

These are also pieces with a wonderful element of narrative within them, and it is quite possible to become lost within the likes of El Observador (The Observer), the first piece in the set on the right wall of the hall, while The Otters, facing the main entrance (and seen above, right) is purely and simply delightful. The addition of an appreciative audience to both of these pieces and to A Piece of the Sky (above, left) adds a further depth to the display.

The rear portion of the gallery presents some marvellous abstract work by Mario2 and Redi. Mario’s 3D sculptures, together with his particle shows, never fail to impress, and the pieces offer here are no exception. From the mandala / fractal like forms of Efecto K and Object5, to the (almost seasonal, with its fruit suggestive of Christmas tree baubles) Arbol and the evocative Cara, these are all pieces that captivate the eye in both form and motion.

Diotima Art Gallery: Red Bikcin

Redi’s presentation also feature motion and combine 2D and 3D elements in three pieces of richly colourful abstract art, all of which can be quite mesmerising as the eye is drawn into their loops, lines, swirls and patterns.

My one small quibble with this exhibition is its lack of information on the artists themselves. While not vital to one’s appreciation of art, having a few liner notes on each of the artists involved in an ensemble exhibition like this can often serve curiosities piqued by the art, particularly in cases where a right-click Edit doesn’t reveal any links to the artist concerned (as it has perhaps been offered to the gallery as a texture for mounting and presentation by the curator).

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