Exploring Mesmeric Cove in Second Life

Mesmeric Cove; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Mesmeric Cove – click any image for full size

Mesmeric Cove is a full region designed by Yosh Shi Juan (Macximuss Zsun) and Duckie Pops Juan (CandyHarlequin). It is described as:

An idyllic seasonal RP community sim with picturesque views, vacation and rental homes, honeymoon, restaurant, hangout, scholars hall, ballet theatre and more.

Mesmeric Cove; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Mesmeric Cove

Currently decorated for winter, the region presents a pleasant small-town feel; a coastal location backed by high, snowy mountains., and with plenty to see and enjoy while exploring – but visitors should keep in mind a number of the houses are private rentals, and so care should be taken to avoid intruding into private properties.

Visits start in the town, located ton the north side of the region. On arrival, visitors are greeted with text that has the making of a mystery story:

As you step off the train, a rush off warm steam brushes your face. You make out the faint shadows and glows of light of what looks like a quiet town, or is it? Your curiosity impels you too travel deeper. Can you unlock the history of Mesmeric Cove.

Mesmeric Cove; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Mesmeric Cove

I assume this is intended to invite a spirit of casual role-play, although quite what form the role-play might take is unclear to me.  But even without that knowledge, the greeting adds atmosphere to the start of a visit.

The train in question is the DRD Polar Express locomotive, shrouded in snow and emerging from a snowy tunnel. Th track it sit on splits the little town in two, forcing visitors to walk around a little coffee-house to reach the second street.

Close by, at the nearer end of the town, a footpath rolls gently eastwards down to a clock tower and the impressive bulk of the Mesmeric Scholars Hall and the Bonne Nuit Theatre.  A broad road separates the hall and theatre and from a little rows of houses which appears to be some of the rentals, as it curls to the waterfront and a cold-looking ocean.

Mesmeric Cove; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Mesmeric Cove

On the far side of the hall and theatre to the houses, the land is split by a narrow stream. Beyond this, the region has a wilder, unsullied look, the houses more remote as they face out to the sea to the east and south. To the south and west, the land climbs is rocky steps, a mix of paved footpath and wooden steps offering a way up. At least one of the houses here appears to be a rental, as might be the case with the house on the highest peak, even though the cable car rising from the north-west side of the town below arrives  alongside of the house.

Whether visiting for photography looking for a home, Mesmeric Cove could well be worth a visit. For photographers, paying the group fee of L$100 will provide rezzing rights, and there are a number of place to enjoy for avatar photography while the region offers many vantage points for landscape images. There are a fair few places to simply sit and relax to be found scattered around – including a static hot air balloon, and when it comes to photography, there is also a Flickr group for those who wish to share their pictures.

Mesmeric Cove; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Mesmeric Cove

All told, a pleasant spot to visit and appreciate.

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With thanks to Shakespeare and Max for the landmark!


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