Land, Water, Sky in Second Life

National Museum of Caledon: Phrynne

Opening on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at the National Museum of Caledon, is an exhibition of the physical world photography of Phrynne, Dean of Commons at Caledon Oxbridge. Entitled Land, Water Sky, Phrynne describes the exhibition as a record of some of the places in North America she has visited and loves.

The upper floor and the centre in the lower floor contain photos of the Genesee River Gorge as the river flows through Letchworth State Park [the] oldest state park in New York … Also on the upper floor are photos taken on Oahu of sea and sky and wildlife. Downstairs are photos from Vermont, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Minnesota, landscapes both wild and tame.

– Phrynne, describing Land, Water, Sky

National Museum of Caledon: Phrynne

The resultant images in the exhibition are dramatic in tone and scope; particularly those of the Genesee River Gorge, which is presented in loving detail – although as Phrynne notes, the falls within the gorge are not easy to capture in a single frame, except at distance.

The Oahu images are admittedly a little more mixed in the impressions, the leave, but are more than compensated for by the images captured in Vermont, Maryland, etc. These are again rich in composition, and offer both intriguing views and a little humour – as witness by Grasshopper Observer and What Do You See?

National Museum of Caledon: Phrynne

In all, some 34 images are offered in the exhibition – all of which are for sale -, which makes for a further eye-catching  display of art at the museum, which will remain open through September. Should you enjoy your visit, do leave a comment in the guest book; while an offering towards the continued upkeep of the museum would also doubtless be appreciated by Star (astarynite), the museum’s curator.

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