The Cat Museum in Second Life

Cat Museum

If you are, like me, a cat lover, you might like to take a little trip out to the Cat Museum in Second Life. Curated by Selena Alexandre, it makes for a curious, playful visit – in much the same way as cats are curious, playful companions.

Currently featured in the Destination Guide, the museum occupies a 2048 sq m parcel of mainland, making for an easy visit. It is divided into a number of areas, again for easy browsing; on the ground floor, to the left as you enter through the front doors are plaques and boards honouring famous cats from the physical world, film and cartoons – with 10 Downing Street’s cats prominently featured (pity they aren’t actually running the country, particularly given Larry’s Twitter account 😉 ), together with Félicette, the first of two cats to fly in space (launched by the French Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherches de Médecine Aéronautique (CERMA)) – and who was also recovered after her 15 minute flight.

Cat Museum

At the back and two the right of the ground floor are information boards with factoids relating to cats, together with information boards spanning the meanings of a cat’s tail and ear movements, their general anatomy and information on plants they can enjoy or prove harmful to them.  This section also presents visitors with the opportunity to have a photo of their own real cat(s) in the museum. All that’s required for this to happen is to send a 512×512 full perm image of your cat(s), together with its / their name(s) to Selena in-world.

On the upper floor of the museum, things are a little lighter in tone, with a series of LOL Cat posters – some of which may be familiar to cat lover, particularly those who join in with the Caturday Tweets on Twitter on the weekends. There’s also a video screen on the upper floor, although at the time of my visit, it didn’t appear to be working.

Cat Museum

With cat-related paraphernalia and information boards evenly split between Spanish and English (click on the flag where boards are in a single language), the Cat Museum is, as noted, a fun little visit for cat lovers. Just ask your furry boss for time off before you book a visit – after all, and as they saying goes: dogs have owners; cats have staff 🙂 .

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