Four unique talents at the Rose Gallery

The Rose Gallery: Sisi Biedermann

The Rose Gallery, located at Kaya Angel’s stunning Angel Manor, and curated by  Shakti Sugafield (Shakti Adored) is hosting a further ensemble art exhibition across its two floors of exhibition spaces, featuring 2D and 3D work by several SL and physical world artists.

On the ground level, in Galleries 1 and 2, Sisi Biedermann presents a series of 17 images of her physical world art, the majority of which might be drawn together under the collected title of Illusions (although several of the pieces do have a title of their own). Rich in colour, all 17 are individually stunning pieces of art.

The Rose Gallery: Sisi Biedermann

Fantastical, emotive, evocative, and each with its own story to tell, these are pieces with a glorious depth and beauty. Some are presented in a “flat” traditional style of paint on paper / canvas; others are presented in an embossed, richly textured finish that is marvellously  tactile in appearance – in this, I found myself particularly drawn to Illusions 10, a simply exquisite study of two kingfishers. Some of the images present their subject matter in a fairly straightforward study, others are more abstract in tone, which one or two have an almost Bosch-like feel about them, albeit it without his darker thoughts and representations.  Any and all of them would add grace to one’s home (and are available for sale).

The Rose Gallery: Juro

Also on the ground floor, Galleries 3 and 4 offer ten pieces by digital and virtual artist Juro (JurisJo). These are quite the most stunning studies of Second Life wildlife and animals I’ve yet seen. All feature Juro’s preferred use of yellow and red within them, together with a rich processing of sky, all of which draws the eye into each image, encouraging the visitor to focus on the primary study within it whilst also adding context and depth the overall scene.

The ten pieces presented across the two halls range from the highly evocative through to the gently humorous, the mix carefully balanced so that the eye is both awed and captivated, and the lips given cause to relax and smile. Who cannot, for example find their breath catching at the sight of White Tiger or Goodnight Sun (to name but two of the more dramatic pieces), whilst also feeling the need to offer a chuckle on seeing Baja Sands or Owls (again to name but two of the lighter pieces)? Would that we had room to display all of these pieces at home.

The Rose Gallery: Juro

Take the gallery staircase up and to the right, and you’ll arrive in Gallery 7, featuring an artist whose work is entirely new to me. Matt Thomson has 20 years experience as a physical world digital artist and photographer. His work might at first glance appear to be abstract in nature.  It’s an approach Matt calls Techno Fusion, combining traditional  mediums for art – oil, watercolour, acrylics, ink – brought together as “music”, blending and mixing like the rhythm and beat of dance track. “Let your eyes have a treat,” he says of his work. “Colour is the music as it blends it dances weaves a tapestry that allows your eyes to follow the flow … enjoy the dance!”

The Rose Gallery: Matt Thomson

The rearmost gallery space on the upper floor is given over to a display of sculptures by Reycharles Resident. Mounted on plinths and along the walls, this exhibit features some 14 3D pieces of varying sizes, although their respective LODs might require you cam into some of them in order for them to render correctly.  The pieces are richly diverse: from delicate pieces that appear almost woven together, through to sold pieces which appear to have been carved from a single block.

The Rose Gallery: Reycharles Resident

For those looking for an additional  treat, Shakti offers a small selection from her personal collection of Molly Bloom’s always fascinating and eye-catching  – and perception defying – art. This includes one of my personal favourites of Molly’s work The Queen is NOT Amused, a simply marvellous triptych.

A set of four – or five, including the modest display of Molly’s art – very different displays of art, all of which are more than worth the time taken to store through the Rose Gallery’s halls.

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