Lab announces SL15B music festival and invites auditions

On Monday, April 23rd, 2018, Linden Lab issued an invitation to live music performers to apply to be a part of the Second Life 15th Birthday celebration’s Music Festival.

2018 marks the fourth such festival the Lab has organised. It will be held as a part of the official Second Life Birthday celebration, taking place in mid-June 2018. For the successful applicant, it will be a paid event.

Xiola Linden explains things further in the official blog post:

Since we started Music Fest in Second Life, we’ve held an audition showcase to highlight some of the musical talent in the Second Life community. Many of you have been performing for years in virtual venues all over the grid, and we’d love to have you come showcase your talent at the try-outs for this summer Music Fest. All genres are welcome! From bands to solo acts, rock and roll to electronica – we encourage anyone to sign up for consideration. The Second Life Music Fest is an opportunity to perform at one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life, and it’s a paid gig!

She continues:

While we encourage everyone to sign up, it is not a commitment on your part and does not guarantee a spot at the auditions. We will review all submissions and extend audition invitations via email to the designated contact. Each invited act will have a short audition time (5 minutes max) to play and leave an impression on a panel of judges made up of Lindens and Residents. This panel will select acts to be invited to perform at the Second Life Music Fest. Upon completion of a half hour slot at the festival, the designated contact for each act will be eligible for payment (subject to Linden’s terms and conditions).

The 2016 Music Festival auditions

Those interested in taking part are invited to complete the audition application form – and to do so no later than Friday, May 18th. The blog post notes that completion of the application does not signify a commitment on the part of the artist to take part, nor a guarantee they’ll be called upon to audition before a panel of judges comprising Lab personnel and residents.

Musicians who are selected to audition will receive word directly from the Lab via e-mail. Those successful in their 5-minute audition, as judged by a panel of Lab staff and residents, will be invited to perform a 30-minute set at the Second Life Music Fest, and (subject to the Lab’s terms and conditions) receive payment for doing so.

The auditions will take place on (times are SLT):

  • 12:00 noon to 14:00 Friday, June 1, 2018.
  • 18:00 – 20:00 Saturday. June 2, 2018.

The venue for the auditions will be announced in due course and all residents are invited by the Lab to attend the auditions as a part of the audience.


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