This Weekend in Second Life Dance

Debauche - April 8 2018

Hi there. R. Crap Mariner, your friendly neighbourhood dance correspondent.

I’ll be posting dance performance schedules, similar to Inara’s posts about Seanchai Library readings. We’ll start with the weekend events for now.

Lighting The Way launches this week, with a huge number of great dance performances. There will be even more of them next week, but how about we get through this weekend first, okay?

Let’s get started, here’s the events that I had on the calendar as of press time.

(All times SLT)

Friday, April 13 2018

6:00 PM – Elysium Cabaret

If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment!

Featuring elaborate sets and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone. Grab your friends and get there early because the sim fills. Come celebrate Friday! Welcome to the weekend!

10:00 PM – Guerilla Burlesque

It may be Friday the 13th but it’s still Friday and a reason to dance!

We are so excited to be back on the Pit stage Friday night performing at 10 pm! We hope you will be there to welcome us! We have a couple of things tucked into our corsets to keep you amused and entertained because we missed you! Special shout out to Chrissy Rhiano who will be directing this week!

An amazing line up of fun, creative, and original acts all performed by your favourite Guerilla dancers! Mark the date, make your plans and meet us at the theatre doors for the 10 pm Guerilla Burlesque dancing in the PITS!

Doors open at 9 pm for those who like to arrive early and interact with their favourite dancers!

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I have recently joined Guerilla Burlesque, and my début performance is in this show. No monkeys were harmed during the production of this act.)

Saturday, April 14 2018

9:00 AM – Nouveau Ensemble Dance Troupe

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

11:00 AM – Virtuoso

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

12:00 PM – Oasis Dancers

Oasis Dancers.

Concert Hall, Standing Ovation.

1:00 PM – Breezes Dancers

Breezes Dancers will be performing their show We Can Dance at Breezes Theatre on Saturday 14 April at 1pm SLT.

This is a show of 6 Acts and lasts about 1 hour. There will be a party for approximately 1 hour after the show for everyone to enjoy some dancing fun.

Title: Breezes Dancers show We Can Dance at the Breezes Theatre on Riviera Island. Dress code: Formal/semi formal.

1:00 PM – Misfit Follies

Lighting the Way for Autsim Event.

1:00 PM – Dance Variety Show @ LTW

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

1:00PM – Debauche

Debauche return once again to the beautiful Tryst Ballroom. Such a grand, wonderful theatre in which to dance. We sincerely hope you join us and enjoy both the show and the surroundings. Truly breathtaking – both.

Debauche – A little naughty, a lot sexy and always classy!

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a guest performer with Debauche. This will be my first performance with them.)

3:00 PM – Atlantis Grand Theatre

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

5:00 PM – Young Dreamers Dance Troupe

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

7:00 PM – Paramount Grand Theatre

1990’s Music Evolution. Paramount Grand Theatre’s brand new show for April. Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the Paramount Players bring you back to the 90’s! 1990’s that is. Decade of music changes, revolutions and madness!

7:00 PM – Dance Xcetera

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

8:00 PM – A&M MOCAP Maniacs

Our monthly Home Show, showcasing what you can do with A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop dance animations! Join us for the performances, stay for the totally FUN after party where our DJ will dance you on stage!

Sunday April 15 2018

7:00 AM – Club IMAGE

It’s Sunday at Club Image, and it’s going to be special! We’re very excited to have you here at our theatre! Hope to see you all!

9:00 AM – Dazzlers

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

11:00 AM – Virtuoso

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

1:00PM – Debauche

Debauche travel to a brand new venue this weekend. It’s always so exciting to step into the unknown but the people there are so lovely. The theatre is beautiful, the setting lovely. Cannot wait to be there. Won’t you join us? Debauche at Shadow Lands.

1:00 PM – Moonstone Theatre

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

3:00 PM – Men in Motion

8th Annual Lighting The Way Autism Awareness Event.

5:00 PM – Winds of the Sahara

Each Sunday we have a shiny, new show at Winds of the Sahara Theatre. Our dances range from burlesque to performance art and you are sure to be amazed at all of the wonder that sets, costumes and music can create. We’ll put sparkles in your eyes and leave sequins on your shirt collars.

5:00 PM – Ballet Pixelle

Ballet Pixelle – “Avatara”.

Opening Sunday April 15th at 5 pm SLT and every Wednesday and Sunday at 5 through June 13.

Ballet Pixelle® will open its production of “Avatara” on Sunday, April 15 at 5:00 pm SLT, Join us for this original composition of virtual dance! What if a real world dancer could dance in a virtual world? What movements would be the same or different? What kinds of different beings could she be? What would be the same? And how would that dancer be changed after her experience? Performances are Wednesdays at 5:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT throughout April in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre. Audience dancing at the after-show party every performance! Join us for an evening of delights. Chat with the performers and crew after the performance for autographs, photos, and a question & answer session.

Formal dress expected.

5:30 PM – Kiki’s Burlesque

7:00 PM – Art Factory – The Greatest Showman

The Art Factory presents: The Greatest Showman! A show about Phineas T Barnum’s start with the circus we know today! This show will leave you inspired to be yourself! We promise to leave you stunned with razzle dazzle and songs that will make you dance in your seat! The show starts at 7pm SLT but you may want to come a little early for a seat.

I assume there will be a few more shows this week… folks are just taking their time getting the notices in, finishing up their routines… that sort of thing. I’d prefer to error on the side of caution and just post the ones confirmed at press time.

Check with the Dance Queens event calendar for updates and additions to the weekend’s schedule, as well as the many events that happen during the week. And then, next weekend; something extra-special is happening: The Festival of Saint Put Up Or Shut Up!

So, folks, is this useful? Let me know. Drop me an IM when you get to a show and that you enjoyed it.

Club Image - April 8 2018


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