SL project updates 44/2: TPV Developer meeting

The updated official viewer splash screen for general users (i.e. not first-time log-in)

The following notes are taken from the TPV Developer meeting held on Friday, November 3rd 2017. The video of that meeting is embedded at the end of this update, my thanks as always to North for recording and providing it.

SL Viewer

The Voice RC viewer has one remaining significant bug, which causes some of those on the Windows version of the viewer to connect to the wrong voice channel, which is preventing this viewer progressing further.

The 64-bit Alex Ivy RC viewer updated to version on November 2nd, 2017. Overall, this viewer is described as doing “really well”, although there are still crash issues with it. These are most noticeable with people on 32-bit Windows systems (those on 64-bit versions of Windows running the 64-bit version of the viewer are experiencing far fewer crashes).

The latest update should correct issues with the viewer’s updater, and it is likely more users will be added to the RC cohort usage pool before this viewer is promoted to release status.

Work is once again proceeding with the 360-snapshot viewer, with improvements to image quality and processing speed, and a new update should be appearing soon. The Lab is also working on a new means to upload 360 snapshots from the viewer to SL Place pages.

Inventory UDP Messaging

Work has started in deprecating all UDP inventory messaging. This is not progressing “super fast”, as it is being progressed alongside other work, and the projected end date is some time “fairly soon” after the end-of-year holidays, when back-end support for the UDP messaging will be turned off. This means that any active viewers still using the UDP inventory handling routes should be making the move to HTTP.

No Change Windows

With the end-of-year holiday season approaching, the Lab is looking at dates for no change windows – periods when they will not be making and simulator or viewer releases, and would prefer to see TPVs do the same.

The first of these periods will be the US Thanksgiving holiday period, when a no change period is liable to be enforced from Wednesday, November 22nd, with the all-clear on Monday, November 27th (subject to formal confirmation).  The Christmas no change window is still TBD, but will likely be from at least Friday, December 22nd through until shortly after the new year.

Other Items

Resource Usage tools

Chalice Yao has proposed a feature to the Firestorm team to allow users better understand the resources they are using, both through their avatar’s VRAM usage and the VRAM, triangles and vertices for any selected object (see FIRE-21793). As the Lab is currently working on amending how rendering cost calculations, a more detailed discussion on these ideas has been tabled for the next TPV Developer meeting, on Friday, November 17th.

Firestorm Release

The next Firestorm release has been delayed of late, but recently entered beta testing, with the aim of it appearing before the end of the year. When it arrives, I’ll have me usual overview of significant updates, but Beq Janus recently blogged about a couple of updates she has contributed to the release, and the Lab have indicated their own interest in possibly adopting the updates, if contributed.

Second Life Minimum System Requirements

It has been noted that the specified minimum system requirements for Second life may be out-of-date (see BUG-139301), and this may be exacerbated with the Alex Ivy viewer. It’s likely that the specifications will be looked at again.

2 thoughts on “SL project updates 44/2: TPV Developer meeting

  1. “The 64-bit Alex Ivy RC viewer updated to version on November 2nd, 2017.”

    Come again?
    Second Life Release Viewer version
    Released on September 5 2017.


    1. “Second Life Release Viewer version
      Released on September 5 2017.”

      That’s from the Alternate Viewers release page, which is actually incorrect. If you listen to the video, Oz confirms was released “yesterday” (i.e. Nov 2nd at the time of the meeting). September 5th was the release date for version

      The Voice RC viewer suffers the same issue. Version was released on October 20th, but the Alternate Viewers page still refers to it as “September 1”.


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