Purple, Imani and Juris at DiXmiX in Second Life

DiXmiX Gallery – Purple Leonis ONeill

DixMix Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, has another triple exhibition, this one featuring the work of Purple Leonis ONeill (Nel4481), Juris Bergmanis (JurisJo) and Imani Nayar. All three are very different in terms of their tone and style, making exhibition an interesting visit.

Purple’s work is located in the Grey hall of the gallery, just inside the main entrance. she presents thirteen images spilt between the gallery’s two levels. – two in a very large format, and all in rich, vibrant colours. Entitled Fantasme, there is a strong avian / fantasy theme running through the series, offering a unique set of avatar studies which are – in a word – entrancing.

DiXmiX Gallery – Imani Nayar

Within the Black hall, Imani Nayar also presents thirteen black and white images under the collective title Exposed. All are avatar studies, and as the title of the exhibit might suggest, some of them should be considered NSFW.

Above the Black hall is the White gallery space, where  Juris Bergmanis is displaying eleven quite stunning landscape images captured from around Second Life; and when I say stunning, I mean just that. They all share a common theme of sky and colour, suggesting they are intended to celebrate autumn.

DiXmiX Gallery – Juris Bergmanis

It’s a shame that, again, no biographical information is provided on the artists for those unfamiliar with them, as I’ve mentioned before. However, it is fair to say that such is the diversity of the three styles on display here, the lack of background information doesn’t detract from appreciating the pieces which are offered within each of the three exhibits.

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