Creatures of Light in Second Life

MetaLES: Creatures of Light

Creatures of Light is an exhibition of images by Harbor (Harbor Galaxy) which opened at MetaLES, curated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar, on July 8th.

“For those of you who are familiar with my work through Flickr or shows here in-world. Creatures of Light may be something of a departure from my usual style,” Harbor says in introducing her work. “My objective was to use an avatar devoid of ornamentation and to only utilize poses, light and colour to create these pieces and to give myself permission to play and to step outside my comfort zone.”

MetaLES: Creatures of Light

I cannot speak to Harbor’s work on Flickr – no link is provided, and Flickr’s search doesn’t appear to recognise her as “Habor Galaxy”, making a targeted search difficult. However, what I can say is that in the nineteen images presented at MetaLES, Harbor has produced some quite extraordinary art, which in places encompasses abstract expressionism and in others seemingly touches on fractal patterning, whilst in all of them is a study of the human (or in this case, avatar) form.

In this latter regard, and considering the lack of facial features, some of the images are quite exquisite in their portrayal of mood and emotion, easily matching more traditional portraiture. Take Contemplating the Standards Beauty, for example; there is a wonderfully layered narrative to the image – the heads of the subject may only be wire frame, but they carry with them the sense of expressions, while the body language of figure contemplating them – the artist? – speaks clearly of her or his contemplation of the images.  Further along, The Body wonderfully presents action, the swirls of colour, sweeps of lines all suggestive of motion and the power of sinew and muscle, tendon and ligament.

MetaLES: Creatures of Light

All told, an intriguing exhibition, currently on display alongside Ini’s (in Inaka) Melancholy and Romy Nayar’s Empty Minds.

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