Not Only … But Also in Second Life

Solo Arte – Not Only … But Also

Opening on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 at 1:00pm SLT is a new exhibition at Solo Arte entitled Not Only … But Also. It features the art and images of Boudicca Amat and myself.

Receiving an invitation to display my images always comes as a mixture of thrill and nervousness. Thrill, because I don’t regard myself as any kind of Second Life photographic artist – my images are primarily concerned with illustrating the posts I write about the places I visit. Nervousness, simply because my work, as illustrative, tends to be a little “plain Jane” when compared with the true masters of the SL landscape.

Solo Arte – Not Only … But Also

I mention this not out of modesty, but because I’ve previously written about exhibitions at Solo Arte, and the idea of filling the space there with only my work actually filled me with a feeling akin to panic. Hence the suggestion to Solo Arte’s curators, Terrygold and Melania, that a second person is invited to share the available space. And to me, this second person could only be Boudicca Amat.

Boudicca’s work is, in a word, exquisite. Beautifully composed and executed, the artistry encompasses not only the image itself, but the vision and creativity poured into the entire process of producing such richly evocative moments in time, including, often, are care pouring over poses and sets. As such, I’m genuinely delighted to be sharing the Solo Arte space with her. Her avatar studies also – I hope – form a counterpoint focus for my landscape images.

Solo Arte – Not Only … But Also

As Solo Arte is a mixed indoor / outdoor venue, offering pleasant walks along a canal, a little bar and outdoor events area, Bou and I have split the space up between us in with the aim of making a visit more of a mix for people. On the landing point side of the art space, my own images can be found outside around the garden area, while further along the canal, Bou has a display inside one of the two exhibition halls. Across the canal bridge, the positions are reversed: I’ve used the second of the exhibition halls, and more of Bou’s would can be found in the courtyard behind the hall, which opens off of the events courtyard. We’ve add exhibition posters  to help point the way to the different locations.

When visiting, do note that Solo Arte is presenting two exhibitions: not Only … But Also, and Riflessi Sul Nero (which you can read about here). As such, you may be directed to Riflessi Sul Nero when teleporting. If this is the case, please use the teleport disc alongside the landing point to reach the main Solo Arte exhibition area to find us.

Solo Arte – Not Only … But Also

Not Only … But Also officially opens, as noted, at 1:00pm SLT on Wednesday, July 19th, featuring music by DJ Faby and DJ Melania.

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  1. Thank you Inara. For not only asking me to take part . . . . . but also for your kind words about my work.
    See what I did there! Lolls 🙂

    But seriously, you know how much I admire your pictures, and I’m so glad you are at last getting the recognition you deserve.



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