On display at the Commonwealth Village

Commonwealth Village

Commonwealth Village is a Mainland located Community themed on the looks and climate of New England. Developed by Derek Boston, it offers residential rentals, village shopping and an expanding arts and music programme.

Built around a central square without outlying rental residences all in a New England style, the communal heart of the community is a tavern-side meadow where live music events are held, together with open mic sessions. Friday July 14th will see Nikita Mortenwold performing on the stage from 14:00 SLT, followed by Ian Bleac at 15:00 SLT.

Commonwealth Village

Also opening at 14:00 SLT on Friday 14th July is a new art exhibition at the Commonwealth Village. An open-air event being held on the paved piazza in front of the village’s imposing pavilion, I’m quite delighted and honoured to say that the display is of work by …. me!

It was a genuine surprise and pleasure to receive an invitation from Derek to display images from my Exploring Second Life series of blog posts in these pages, particularly as art is one of the newest additions to the Commonwealth’s event calendar. I was equally delighted to be able to chat with Derek in June in my role as a gallery space curator to discuss art exhibitions in SL.

Commonwealth Village

For the exhibition, I’m offering some 16 images from some of the more recent travels Caitlyn and I have made across the grid, and I hope people will find them pleasing. I’d also like to offer an open invitation to anyone do minded to join us at the Commonwealth Village for the music and the opening from 14:00 SLT on Friday, July 14th.

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4 thoughts on “On display at the Commonwealth Village

  1. Congratulations! They made a very fine choice indeed. I was unable to get to the Opening on Friday evening – but I’ll be sure to drop by over the weekend.


  2. I’ve just been to see your exhibition Inara – and it’s just as I expected. A selection of absolutely superb pictures, not one that doesn’t merit close inspection to marvel at your expertise behind the ‘lens’.


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