The art of SL14B in Second Life

SL14B Community Celebration; Inara Pey, June 2017, on Flickr SL14B Community Celebration

Art in all its forms has always tended to be a part of the SL14B Community Celebration, and this year is no exception. In fact, art is well represented, with the familiar four art parcels around the Cake Stage, and further art parcels within each of the exhibition regions, all of which are in addition to the individual art displays to be found among the exhibitor spaces.

In the run-up to the SL14B gates opening, I was able to visit many of the art displays and installations on offer, and while this is not intended to be an extensive list / set of reviews, I thought I’d highlight those I particularly enjoyed visiting.

Illusion by Solkide Auer and Magda Schmidtzau

Location: SL14B Spectacular art parcel.

You’ll need a little viewer set-up to appreciate this piece, but the effort is more than worthwhile, as the installation is a grand demonstration of projected lights and images. In short, set your time of day to midnight and make sure Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) is active via Preferences > Graphics. If the latter gives you performance issues, try ramping down your draw distance (note you do *not* need to have Shadows enabled as well; but ALM is required to see the effects – without it, you’ll just see blank walls).

Illusion by Solkide Auer and Magda Schmidtzau – SL14B Spectacular

Before you step through one of the four Anywhere doors ranged before you at the landing point, make sure you cam up and catch the play of projected lights on the structure. Then when you’re ready, pick an Anywhere door, click it to open it, and click on the exposed wall to teleport up into the structure. The doors deliver you to the various levels, where you can enjoy the marvel of projected images set within individual “rooms”, each group of images offering glimpses of a setting / story.

A clever and vibrant use of projected lights and images, wrapped around an imaginative means of presenting art.

TJ’s Mediamagic – Thoth Jantzen

Location: SL14B Captivate art parcel.

Full disclosure time: I think Thoth is one of the most engaging and imaginative multi-media artists in Second Life; as such, his installations tend to be a must-see, although some caution my be warranted with this one if you can be adversely affected by flashing images and lights.

TJ’s Mediamagic! by Thoth Jantzen – SL14B Captivate

There is a certain amount of set-up to be done to properly appreciate Mediamagic! Information boards provide the full details, but the essentials are: set your time of day to Midnight, make sure you have Advance Lighting Model enabled  (Preferences > Graphics), set media to autoplay, and allow scripts to play media. An information kiosk will also provide you with the information needed to enjoy the installation as well as some gifts from Thoth.  Once you are set, explore, enjoy the use of light and sound, and do make sure yo visit the upper levels (steps and then TP). If you can, be sure to cam  / flycam out from within the build to fully appreciate the play of lights.

Tornado To Oz by Noke Yuitza

Location: SL14B Enchant

Another piece best seen at Midnight and with ALM enabled, this is a beautiful piece in both its execution and its simplicity. Description isn’t necessary – just enjoy.

Tornado To Oz by Noke Yuitza – SL14B Enchant

What is SL Without Artists? – The Dirty Grind

Location: SL14B Beguile art parcel.

While not the easiest environment to navigate at times (blame that on the people teleporting in and out of these busy regions more than anything else), the Dirty Grind’s homage to art – visual and musical – might seem self-centred, but as a community it cannot be denied they’ve done a heck of a lot to promote arts over the years. As such, this retrospective, carrying with it a reminder that SL is unique among all forms of artistic presence / expression, simply because it can instantly and immersively bring people from all over the world together to enjoy a moment of that expression.

CarnivALL Boudicca Amat

Location:  SL14B Wonderous.

“Second Life is a place that allows us to spread the wings of our imagination and let it take flight…” Boudicca tells visitors who enter her gallery space. “Our only limit is our imagination.”

Having a little fun with myself at Boudicca Amat’s CarnivALL – SL14B Wonderous

Within the gallery, Boudicca offers her take on the ideals of carivalesque – the literary style that uses humour and chaos to subvert the more dominant style or approach of a piece – through a series of trompe l’oeil art displays.

This approach to SL art is perhaps most famously exemplified in the works of Molly Bloom (whom I’ve covered extensively in the blog, and offer this link as a reminder of her work). It’s not necessarily an easy art form to bring together in Second Life, but Bou does so with grace and panache. What’s more, she offers a studio within the gallery where you can have a go yourself ! I had fun (with a quick bit of post-processing) in duplicating myself with two of the displays available to visitors, rather than going for a single 3D look to an image 🙂 .

Inside Art by Ginger Lorakeet

Location: SL14B Spectacular.

On the subject of the trompe l’oeil style of art, Ginger Lorakeet has been a part of the SLB scene for as long as I can remember. She’s back this year, once again offering her interactive art pieces – some of which have been seen at past events, others of which are new.

I always like to mention Ginger’s work at SLB events as her art is fun and interactive. Simply find a picture you like, click it, and add yourself to it. With a little camera jiggling, you can grab a photo of yourself in a photo / picture. In addition, this year Ginger offers visitors the chance to fully immerse themselves in a scene.

Masked: Carnevale di Venezia by Catalina Staheli – SL14B Beguile

These are far from the only art exhibits to be found at SL14B, and as much as I’d like, I don’t have the room to go through them all. I would, however, just like to mention in passing Kody Meyers, Anibrm Jung, Catalina StaheliJohn Brianna and Graham Collinson, all of whose work I appreciate, and all of whom are also exhibiting at SL14B. Be sure the check-out the SL14B Art Parcel SLurls and the complete list of exhibitors to make sure you catch everyone.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning our space! The dedicated people of SLB completely surprised and honoured us with the invitation to expand our community display to one of the few art parcels available. As always, this has been a humbling and energizing experience. I hope people will take the time to visit the many artists at SL14B who are dedicated to everyone’s expirience. I am glad to hear you visited! Hugs!


  2. Thank you so much for visiting my little experiment Inara, and I’m thrilled to hear you took advantage of the facilities! ………….Nice pic 🙂

    I’m away from home at the moment, but looking forward to searching out the builds you have mentioned – and enjoying what other’s have created for us to marvel at!



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