Unmasking A Cure 2017 in Second Life

Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire

The 3rd annual Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire  opened its gates on Friday, May 19th, and will run through until Sunday, June 18th, inclusive.  Whether you are into medieval role-play or not, the Faire is offering a host of events and activities right throughout the week, with something for just about everyone to try or enjoy – all with the aim of raising funds for RFL of SL.

Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire

The event, organised by a dedicated team of Unmasking A Cure RFL Team volunteers, features a wide range of events and activities and a programme of entertainments. There is, for example, the 5th annual UAC Grand Joust, with eight preliminary rounds leading up to the Grand Joust on the final day of the Faire; a Trivi-a-thon on Sunday, June 10th starting at 08:00; and the 2nd annual Relay Run around the event race track on Saturday, June 25th at 19:00 SLT.

This year, the event is taking place across two regions hosting the jousting tilts, gorse racing course, the sword fighting / mêlée amphitheatre, the archery butts, gotya garden, and a traveller’s camp. Some 80 merchants are participating in this year’s event, and on the entertainment front, the ChangHigh Sisters will be performing alongside top names from the SL arena of live performers, and there will be a stable of DJs to keep folk happy throughout the month.

Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire

The activities at the faire are open to all to try, while the merchants offer plenty of scope for shopping – including items available with proceeds to RFL of SL. Table games can also be found by those seeking quieter pursuits or a break from shopping.

Period role-plays are especially welcome, and are invited to visit the faire in character and explore the two regions. For those who would like to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere, there is a limited number of furnished cottages and tents available for rent for L$250 a week or L$1,000 for a month, with proceeds going to RFL of SL.

For full details of the event, please refer to the Unmasking A Cure website.

Unmasking a Cure Medieval Faire

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