Artwalks and Tinies in Second Life

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2017

Raglan Shire, Second Life’s Tiny community once again throws open its doors to people from across the grid as participating artists and visitors to the Annual Raglan Shire Artwalk.

This year marks the 12th Artwalk, and forms part of Raglan Shire’s tenth anniversary celebrations. The event offers an opportunity not just to appreciate a huge range of art from both the physical and digital worlds, but to also tour the Shire regions and enjoy the hospitality of the Raglan Shire community.

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2017: Hana Hoobinoo

Running through until Sunday, June 18th the Artwalk present 2D are along the hedgerows of the Shire’s pathways and on the tree platforms overhead, while the central park lands offer walks among pieces of 3D art.

A non-juried exhibition, the Artwalk is open to any artist wishing to enter, and has minimal restrictions on the type of art displayed (one of the most important being all art is in keeping with the Shire’s maturity rating), and spaces for artists are not assigned. All of this means that it offers one of the richest mixes of SL art displayed within a single location in Second Life. Wandering along the paths and between the hedgerows, a visit to the Artwalk becomes a matter of discovery – although it is very easy to lose track of time when exploring; as such, more than one visit may be required to appreciate / see all the art on offer.

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2017: Utterly Wizardly

Given the number of artists involved, there isn’t a published list of participants, but anyone interested in the world of SL art is bound to recognise name of the names of the artists here. I personally couldn’t help but notice Hana Hoobinoo’s hauntingly beautiful art along with Sheba Blitz’s marvellous mandala pieces among the tree platforms, while Gioanna Cerise – noted for working in 3D – presents some of her 2D art at ground level, while Johannes1997 Resident – noted for his 2D art and photography – offers a 3D piece.

Teleport boards are provided to help people find their way around the exhibition spaces, and there are also caterpillar tours  and balloons which offer rides around the region and through the art displays. However, given this is an opportunity to visit and appreciate Raglan Shire, I do recommend exercising your pedal extremities and doing at least some of your exploration on foot – just keep in mind people do have their homes in the regions as well.

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2017: Me

The Raglan Shire Artwalk is always a delight to visit; this 12th season, being a part of the Shire’s 10th anniversary, is a very special event, and I do recommend a visit.  As noted, it will remain open through until Sunday, June 18th.

Raglan Shire Artwalk 2017: Lou Robinson

The SLurls

Note that all regions are rated General.

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  1. great post and many thanks for the lovely mention. There is really some marvelous art being shown and with such diverse styles. It can’t really all be seen at one viewing!! I rode the caterpillar around!!


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