The Photo Game in Second Life: Proph and a Pey

The Photo Game: Proph, as selected by me

In February 2017 I wrote about The Photo Game, an intimate exhibition of art hosted at Boudicca Amat’s An Uncertain Destiny (which you can read about here). It formed the in-world continuation of an idea Boudicca and fellow artist Ricco Saenz started on Flickr in the latter part of 2016, where they would each choose two on one another’s compositions and comment on them.

In-world, The Photo Game has expanded to three images apiece for each pair of invited artists, and for the inaugural February event, Bou and Ricco took to the stage. For March / April, the spotlight has shifted to two more artist / photographers, one of whom has the last name of “Pey” …

The Photo Game: me, as selected by Proph

To be honest I was thrilled, surprised and apprehensive about things when the invitation arrived – and apprehension turned to a feeling akin to panic when Bou revealed I have been paired with Proph (burningprophets); a man with a talent for weaving a tale with his images, and an eye for composition and framing which far surpasses my own.

I was instantly drawn to the three pieces I’ve selected from Proph’s portfolio both because I was instantly attracted to them and because they all encapsulate his skills so beautifully. The three are: Never Hide Your Heart, Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful and If You Miss the Train I’m On. I’m not going to comment further on them here, as I have already written a fair essay on each, but all three are genuinely remarkable pieces, and well worth contemplating – so I do encourage you to go along as see them for yourself.

The Photo Game: “If You Miss the Train I’m On” by Proph – a brooding, dynamic, piece expressing an entire novella in a single image

Speaking as someone still finding my way with images, photographs and illustrations – I see my work far more as illustrations for this blog than as being in any way “art” – I’d like to thank Proph for his feedback on the pieces he chose; hearing another frame one’s own work in words and  reflect the few nuances within a piece that were intentional, was reassuring and a boost to confidence that I’m actually starting to understand the medium I’m dabbling in.

My thank, as well to Bou and Ricco for the invitation to participate so early on in the Game, I loom forward to reading thoughts and feeling from other on all six of the pieces on display at An Uncertain Destiny.

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3 thoughts on “The Photo Game in Second Life: Proph and a Pey

  1. Both Ricco and I were thrilled when you accepted the challenge …….and you rose to it with your usual good sense and erudition.
    I’m sure those who visit the gallery will love reading what both artists have written – and I especially hope that visitors will be moved to leave their comments too.

    Thank you for being such a good sport Inara! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for inviting me :). I might have to run away with Proph’s pictures after the exhibition, however! 🙂

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      1. Actually, thank you, Inara! As Boudicca said, we were thrilled to learn that you and Proph and both accepted the invitation. I think it’s interesting for photographers – and the public as well – to read about how another artist looks at our work. It may give us new ideas, it may create a new conscience about images, it may contribute to the visitors’ relationship with the pictures… And if the public in general contributes, too, then we can really create an interesting debate with comments and feedback. Thank you for joining us in the 2nd round of this project! And many thanks to Boudicca for making it possible in world and keeping the gallery that hosts the exhibition.

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