The Photo Game in Second Life

The Photo Game
The Photo Game

How many words is a picture is worth? Come and view a small selection of photographs by Boudicca Amat and Ricco Saenz. Read what they have both written about each other’s pictures – and then leave your comments, too!

Thus reads the invitation to The Photo Game, an intimate little display of art being hosted at Boudicca Amat’s An Uncertain Destiny (which you can read about here). And when I say intimate – I mean just that: a total of 6 images are offered, three by Boudicca, and three by Ricco.

As the invitation states, this is something of an interactive exhibition: visitors are invited to click the links either alongside or below each piece and read the comments, and also leave comments of your own.

The Photo Game
The Photo Game

The images by Boudicca have been selected by Ricco, who also offers his own view on each piece – and Boudicca has done the same with the three images she has selected from Ricco’s work. Each offers an analysis of the other’s work based on the approach taken – both technically and artistically – in producing each image.

Given that Boudicca and Ricco are both consummate artists, their comments also form something of an invaluable guide to technique and approach for those of us who are considerably less able in our ability to wield the camera and produce consistent, rewarding results. Thus, while small, this exhibition offer far more than at first might first seem to be the case, and makes for an extremely worthwhile visit. And if you haven’t done so before, take a little time to tour An Uncertain Destiny as well – you won’t be disappointed!

Addendum: you can read more about the exhibition and its future on Ricco’s blog – and it’s a recommended read!

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9 thoughts on “The Photo Game in Second Life

  1. Oh bless you Inara!
    You were very quick off the mark at finding the exhibit was open so I never got the chance to officially invite you…….but what a splendid write-up for the project – thank you so much!


  2. Thank you, Inara, I’m glad you found it interesting. And I feel really flattered by your comments – and by the opportunity to work with Boudicca – but I must say you are not “considerably less able” in your “ability to wield the camera and produce consistent, rewarding results” – quite the opposite, I admire what you do!

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    1. Thank you Ricco!

      I should’ve read your blog post on the exhibit first though, as I would have highlighted it and the fact that you are both planning on opening the idea to other invited artists.

      As to my own efforts. I learn through the likes of you, Bou and others.

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