Fossil Fractals in Second Life

Fossil Fractals
Fossil Fractals

It’s pretty well established in these pages that I’m attracted to fractal art. So it was with some interest that I read about a new installation by Asmita Duranjaya entitled Fossil Fractals, currently on display at her InterstellART community region.

“This exhibition shows a new art technique meshing of fractal creations and making them relief-like 3D-art,” Asmita says of the exhibition. “The results look like fossils found on an exoplanet in the universe, being displayed for human eyes.”

Fossil Fractals
Fossil Fractals

On display are around (I think) 16 pieces  – the display space is something of a maze, so finding them all requires a certain amount of walking along hallways and up and down steps and ramps! Each mesh piece is presented in a haut-relief format, and as Asmita notes, they are decidedly fossil-like in form – although the finishes on some suggest their origins might have been more mineral than organic.

The latter are quite exotic and alien is looks: crystaline structures rising from a flat base, demanding that one zoom and cam gently around them, the minerals and crystal fragments within them glittering gently. Others are more familiar in looks, displaying the spiral sweep found in ammonites. Some, from certain angles, look perhaps less like fossils and more relief maps of an alien world, as built up from 3D images taken from orbit. All of this makes the display an intriguing exhibit. If any of the pieces catch your eye, they are available to purchase.

Fossil Fractals
Fossil Fractals

As noted above, Fossil Fractals is displayed as a part of the InterstellART community, and when visiting it, you can also visit the surround (and overhead) galleries, some of which house permanent exhibits, others of which are supplied as studio space for artists. A teleport network is provided for getting around (and links to the ground level exhibition spaces), although the easiest way to get to the art studios (floating on islands overhead from Fossil Fractals) is to either fly or use a double-click TP. Those interested in joining the community should contact  Asmita directly.

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