2017 Mole Day in Second Life

The Horizons Experience (November 2016) is one of the Mole's most recent projects
The Horizons Experience (November 2016) is one of the Mole’s most recent projects

Saturday, February 4th, 2017, marks the annual Mole Day celebrations in Second Life, and all SL residents are invited to attend festivities at the Bay City Fairgrounds, North Channel.

First held in 2010, Mole Day honours the members of the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW), affectionately known as the “moles”, who are responsible for the construction of the Mainland infrastructure in Second Life – the roads, railways, waterways, and so on.

mole-day-2017“Moles” are resident builders, scripters and others who create new content on Linden Lab’s behalf and to the benefit of all. These Residents all have Second Life accounts with the last name “Mole”, and work under the auspices of the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW).

The Moles have been responsible for some of the larger mainland development projects, such as creating many of the more famous sights in Nautilus and wells as undertaking initial development of Zindra, the Adult continent.

More recently they have been directly involved in projects such as Horizons, the Horizons Experience and PaleoQuest. The Moles also develop Linden Homes regions on behalf of the Lab, including all of the parks and places to discover within them.

However, their very first project was developing Bay City itself – hence the City’s annual celebration honouring them.

The celebrations will kick-off a 11:00 SLT, with Oblee (Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth) and Gospeed Racer of KONA radio providing the entertainment., and as well as the music and fun, attendees can grab landmarks for all of the major public builds by the Moles, and also to their home region, Meauxle Bureaux, which you can also read about here.

About Bay City and the Bay City Alliance

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab® and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest group for Residents of Bay City.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Mole Day in Second Life

    1. Hit the wrong button: My home is in Mashpee and I love the Bay City magic of double prim lots due to all the canals dug by the hard working moles. For a mainland location, Bay City is wonderful, no lag to speak of and lots of places to go. Every Thursday evening at 7:00pm (PST) we have the Bay City Rumble; racing, flying, boating, and occasionally go-karting just for fun. It’s a great place to live, thanks to the Moles!


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