The Recreation in Second Life

The Ladies Room: The Recreation
The Ladies Room: The Recreation

Either find your place or lose yourself in the grid of impressions and projection. Second Life is about you and the ability to find your own fascination. Find yourself. Position yourself. Be a part of the world which your imagination can create.  Take a picture!The lights are on you.

Thus Hills (Hillany Scofield) introduces The Recreation, one of two exhibitions of her art (and the art of others) she is currently showing at her gallery The Ladies Room. She goes on to note that The Recreation draws inspiration from an installation she provided for the 2016 Indie Teepee festival. However, for me, it stands as a marvellous expansion of her March 2016 exhibition Immersed, hosted at The Good Days Gallery (read here for more).

The Ladies Room: The Recreation
The Ladies Room: The Recreation

To appreciate this exhibition, it is essential you have Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) enabled in your viewer (via Preferences > Graphics), as it makes extensive use of projectors (you do not need to have Shadows enabled as well).

As with Immersed, The Recreation presents a set of large format images, before which stand faceless, female mannequins. Within this grouping is a pose system, and – as per  the introduction – visitors are invited to jump on it and create their own images within the space (a second pose system is located to one side as well).

The Ladies Room: The Recreation
The Ladies Room: The Recreation

Outside of the central display, the walls of the gallery offer further images under the title The Walls Are Alive. Also being examined by the faceless mannequins, this mix of slide show and projected images presents pictures taken by visitors to The Recreation who have taken Hills’ invitation and used the pose system. She notes that more will be added to this collection as the exhibit continues.

As an examination of the juxtaposition between physical life and virtual life, The Recreation is completed by text and verse which encourage us to ponder the realities and opportunities of both. It is also within the frame of juxtaposition – in this case individuality (in the shape of those taking photos of themselves in The Recreation) and uniformity (in the shape of the faceless mannequins), that this piece reflects (dare I say recreates?) much of the ambience and presence of Immersed.

The Ladies Room: The Recreation
The Ladies Room: The Recreation

When visiting, I also encourage you to tour Your Shine Through, Hills’ the second of Hills’ current exhibitions at The Ladies Room (to the right as you enter the gallery), which presents a series of monochrome pieces. Sensual / erotic in nature, they provide a story of intimacy between lovers.

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