Winter Flakes in Second Life

Winter Flakes, Sugartown
Winter Flakes, Sugartown – click and image for full size

Winter Flakes sits on a homestead region held by Caledonia Dreamscape. Like many regions at this time of the year, it presents a winter setting, and while – I believe – it is also the home for Caledonia and her partner, Trix Congrego, they’ve opened it up for visitors to enjoy.

“[It’s] a combination of Scottish and Danish winters,” Caledonia says of the region. “We first started Winter Flakes  as we both love winter. Four years on and we are still here;  I think it’s a winter love!”

Winter Flakes, Sugartown
Winter Flakes, Sugartown

For those visiting, the region offers an opportunity to wander a snowy landscape, take pictures and simply relax after all the hustle of the holiday period. Think of it as an opportunity for a quiet winter walk in the snow to burn off some of the calories of that New Year’s dinner 🙂 .

The landing point sits at the side of a road which loops around a frozen pond, overlooked by little cottages. For those who might be wondering what happened to Santa over Christmas, the answer might be found in the roof of a little ruined shed to one side of the scene.

Winter Flakes, Sugartown
Winter Flakes, Sugartown

A covered stall offers warming hot chocolate and punch for those in the need of inner warmth, standing close to where the road points the way between brick walls and tall beech trees to a set of iron gates, beyond which sits an old wooden mill, sails slowly turning under the snow-heavy sky.

Alongside the mill, snowy ruts indicate  the route of a track that winds its way through more trees to a distinctly Scandinavian cottage. A little beyond this a skating rink is to be found, folded within encircling rocky arms. It sits next to  a very modern cabin which offers a place to warm up after a spin on the ice. Further still to the west, on the far side of a frozen inlet, sits another cottage, facing a church converted for use as a house across the span of a wooden bridge.  A rather glum looking Santa sits on a hill between them, perhaps still awaiting his own Christmas presents to arrive…

Winter Flakes, Sugartown
Winter Flakes, Sugartown

Surrounded by rocky peaks topped with fir trees and under a steady fall of snow from cloud-wrapped sky, Winter Flakes presents a simple, uncluttered setting with lots of little touches which should be discovered rather than described, making for a pleasing, gentle visit.

Thanks once again to Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) for passing me the details!

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