Saturation in Second Life


“I’ve chosen to play on the definition of the word “saturation” to encapsulate two of my favourite recurring themes: colour and water,” Freyja Merryman says of her exhibition, Saturation, now open at the Paris METRO Art Gallery.

“I often find myself using the allegorical and transportive nature of water to reflect emotion. In a similar way, with the use of colour I hope to be able to convey, perhaps, an emotional and physical reaction. A visceral way to experience  the stories I try to tell. I hope you enjoy them.”


Within the gallery, which has been decorated to resemble a watery environment – both above and below the waves, given the colour scheme and overall setting – Freyja offers 14 avatar studies, all of which have been photographed in Second Life, then painted and finished in GIMP. All are striking, with all but two featuring water in some degree, and several incorporating that saturation of colour she mentions in her introduction.

But there is more here as well. Freyja notes that since entering Second Life in 2008, she’s become fascinated trying to recreate the enchanting symbolism of the myths and fairy story illustrations which have been an influence in her life since her childhood. Sometimes this has given rise to dark pieces, other times sensual, romantic or erotic pieces, all of which reflect Freyja’s Second life in some way.


Given this, it is hardly surprising that each of these 14 images carries within it a strong sense of narrative – far more than a single tale, but the feeling that were we to step into any one of them, we would find ourselves within an entire folk tale or legend. There is a sense of wonder with each of them which draws the observer to each in turn, even with Drowned I and Drowned II, which also seem to be experiments in light, colour and angle, whilst Drowned III, completing the trilogy, offers perhaps the most open door into the tale being told within them.

Facing these across the gallery space are three nude studies which I can only describe as utterly bewitching, whilst the magic continues upstairs with eight further pieces – and I challenge anyone not to be captivated by The Reflecting Pool.  A superb exhibition, and one not to be missed.

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2 thoughts on “Saturation in Second Life

  1. Thank you so much for visiting, Inara and for your very thoughtful perspective. I’m thrilled that you liked the show. *happy dance and a big hug* -Freyja x


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