Artful Expressions in Second Life

Artful Expressions: Ninna Dazy
Artful Expressions: Ninna Dazy

Artful Expressions is a new gallery opening at 12:00 noon SLT on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, and which is curated by Sorcha Tyles, an artist and photographer we featured in the November exhibition at Holly Kai Park. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of previewing the upcoming inaugural exhibition for these pages.

With a 30m x 40m footprint and high ceiling, gallery is ideal for presenting images in a large format. Sorcha has used double-side room divider with built-in frames for images to divide the floorspace into three distinct areas: a front lobby area with seating and where Sorcha displays pieces of her own art, and to exhibition spaces, separated by a central walkway leading down to them.

Artful Expressions: Ninna Dazy
Artful Expressions: Ninna Dazy

“I wanted to offer a place where those artists who seldom get the chance to exhibit,” Sorcha said, as we chatted about the gallery over coffee, “Or are too shy to volunteer their work to be displayed in an ensemble exhibition.” The two display areas are well suited to this role, offering artists displaying here an intimate space for their work, whilst also allowing them to be part of the gallery as a whole.

For the opening exhibition, which will run through until the end of the month, Sorcha has invited Hayael Bracula (Flickr) and Ninna Dazy (Flickr). Each presents nine pieces of their work for the exhibition, all of which richly demonstrate their eye and talent, and it is fair to say they are perfectly suited to a joint exhibition.

Artful Expressions: Hayael Bracula
Artful Expressions: Hayael Bracula

Both women focus there work on avatar studies – although not exclusively so; but their approach is strikingly different. Where one stays with colour within her images, the other leans towards monochrome; while one opts for what might be called a “traditional” approach to her studies, the other in places presents studies which run close to being surreal. However, there is no denying the evocative essence in their respective pieces.

I confess to not having come across Ninny or Yaya prior to seeing their work at Sorcha’s gallery – and that’s to my loss. However, it also perhaps demonstrates that she is achieving her aim from the start in bringing those SL photographers and artists who may have escaped wider public attention to the fore. As such, I hope other art bloggers will also provide coverage of Artful Expressions and the exhibitions held there. “We’ll be changing exhibits monthly,” Sorcha said, “And people are always welcome to come, view, hang out.”

Artful Expressions: Hayael Bracula
Artful Expressions: Hayael Bracula

Artful expressions will official open to the public on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, at 12:00 noon.

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