SL project updates 16 18/2: TPV Developer Meeting

Osprey Ridge; Inara Pey, April 2016, on Flickr Osprey Ridge – blog post

The following notes are primarily taken from the  TPV Developer (TPVD) meeting held on Friday, May 6th, 2016. A video of the meeting is embedded at the end of this report, my thanks as always to North for supplying it, and time stamps in the text relate to this recording.

Week #18 Server Deployments – Recap

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Main (SLS) channel received the same server maintenance package originally deployed to the three RC channels in week #17, comprising a crash fix and minor internal improvements. There was no RC deployment during the week.

Week #19 Attachment Inventory Limits

There will be a new RC deployment in week #19 (commencing Monday, May 9th). This will include new limits, I believe, on the total number of assets which can be contained on worn attachments. The exact limits aren’t clear to me. However, in-world objects cannot be rezzed if they contain more that 10K inventory individually, or 30K in the case of linksets, so I suspect similar limits will apply to attachments, and any attempt to attach objects that exceed these limits will fail. More on this next week.

SL Viewer Updates

Release Viewer

[03:40] The Maintenance RC viewer, version, released on April 28th, was promoted to the de facto release viewer on Thursday, May 5th.

Quick Graphics Viewer

[03:50] The Quick Graphics RC viewer (currently version, dated April 26th) is now “perilously close” to being promoted to release status, and apparently only needs to be merged with and tested against the new release viewer code.

[04:55] The next update to this viewer will refer to rainbow avatars as “Jelly Dolls”, in keeping with the new popular term for solid-colour avatars, which has been “adopted with enthusiasm” by the Lab.

[05:20] There is also a new control added to the viewer screen for making quick adjustments to the Max Avatar Complexity setting.

Project Bento

The Project Bento viewer updated to version, also on Thursday, May 5th.

This build contains several updates related to joint offsets and meshes:

  • Joint offsets will be ignored if they define a position identical to the default position for that bone. We use a 0.1 mm tolerance to determine whether a position has changed, so to force the offset to be applied you can make an invisibly small tweak to the bone in your modeling tool.
  • Along with this, we provide some log message feedback during upload to show which joints will have active offsets.
  • Meshes can now have multiple skeleton roots – for example, you could have a model rigged to both hands without including any bone that both hands are descendants of.
  • Joint offsets are now enforced during shape editing.

Slider changes:

  • We include a fix for a long-standing bug with female torso muscles
  • The male “package” slider can now be supported in mesh models by weighting to mGroin. (note that the currently available test models do not have this weighting yet).

[04:15] The Lab believes the project is now stable enough to be “close to” moving to the Main grid.

Oculus Rift Viewer

[04:26] The Lab is continuing to work on the Oculus Rift viewer. The next release, which will remain at project status, is expected “real soon now”, but will support the latest Oculus VR SDK, etc.

64-bit Viewer Project

[07:13] The 64-bit viewer project has been temporarily suspended recently while the developers working on it were assigned to other tasks, including the ongoing QuickTime remediation project.

Upcoming Viewers

In September 2015, I wrote about the Lab’s plans for further improvements to inventory management and handling within the viewer. Part of this work involves the removal of older UDP paths / mechanisms for inventory handling are properly deprecated / removed and replaced by newer and more robust mechanisms, and that all older mechanisms which have already been replaced are properly removed.

[05:45]  This work had been on hold pending the recent HTTP work. It is now expected that an RC viewer containing these updates will be appearing shortly. Once these updates have reached release status and been fully validate through their active use, the associated UDP support for the deprecated paths and mechanisms will be removed server-side.

 Aditi and Agni Inventory Caches

As I’ve previously reported, the new Aditi inventory syncing process created local inventory caching issues (see also BUG-11651). A fix for this was proposed by the Lab, which would allow the viewer to create separate inventory caches for Agni and Aditi, with the correct cache being automatically selected depending on which grid a user logs-in to (see here for more).

This update was incorporated into the Maintenance RC, and so is now a part of the de facto release viewer, and so should also be appearing in TPVs as they adopt the 4.0.4 code base from the Lab.

The current release viewer, version including the new Aditi / Angi local inventory caching capability to prevent local inventory caches being incorrectly merged when logging between the main and beta grids
The current release viewer, version including the new Aditi / Agni local inventory caching capability to prevent local inventory caches being incorrectly merged when logging between the main and beta grids

Other Items

Double Posts in Chat

There have been reports of users experiencing double posts of their own text chat (local or IM) appearing in their viewer (although other people only see their comment displayed once. The Lab has requested that the problem be tested using the their own viewer, and a JIRA raised stating the precise circumstances when the issues occurred, as soon as possible after it has occurred, together with all relevant data – logs, viewer About information, etc., and further occurrences are similarly logged against that JIRA.

TLS 1.2

As per a blog post from the Lab, which I also reported here, users are being advised to update (if necessary) their web browser and their SL viewer to a version that supports TLS 1.2 by June 15th, 2016. After that date, any web browser or viewer that does not should TLS 1.2 will no longer be able to access Second Life cashier services to send, receive, or exchange L$.

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  1. Regarding the Double Posts in Chat, a JIRA issue has been filed at
    All those affected are using Norton antivirus.

    This fix appears to be working for everyone so far:
    Uninstall Norton using the Norton Removal Tool from
    Note that uninstalling through Windows programs does NOT work.
    Then reinstall Norton.


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