Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room
Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

Now open at The Living Room, the art and music venue operated by Owl, Daallee and Nora, is the May exhibition, this time featuring a personal favourite of mine: Mistero Hifeng.

Anyone who has seen Mistero’s work will known that it stands and some of the most instantly recognisable 3D art in Second Life. His pieces, with individual figures, couples, or set-pieces has a unique look, style and evocative presentation which has us instantly responding to it as much on an emotional level as on a more objective critical level, engaging heart as well as eye.

Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room
Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

Spread across all three floors of the gallery space are some of Mistero’s most iconic pieces, together with more recent works, offering those who may not be so familiar with his work with the broadest possible introduction to it. Many of the pieces have been imaginatively displayed.  E rubero’ per te la Luna, for example, presents our erstwhile lunar thief gamely tugging the Moon through the gallery’s window,  while the gaunt figures of Veglio su di te form canopies over the circular seats scattered around the exhibit space, thus literally watching over those seated!

Among some of the more recent pieces from Mistero is Oltre l’azzurro (Beyond the Blue), which is featured flanking a piano – one of the motifs he also uses at his gallery space; it’s a fitting pairing as well, given Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue Oltre l’azzurro is one of his pieces I find particularly interesting as its possible interpretation can vary with just the slightest change in mood on the part of the observer.

Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room
Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

It is the suggestion of narrative which makes Mistero’s work so attractive. Take La vita…imparare vorra, for example. is the person leaning against the wall weary from thinking, weeping as a result of some loss or happening, or engaged in a game? The story is entirely ours to determine. And again, the story may well change with or own mood, or simply as a result of the local lighting.

Mistero will be on display at The Living Room through until the end of the month, and don’t forget the monthly music sessions there as well! Thursday, May 19th will see The Vinnie show providing the music from 17:00 SLT, followed by Mark Allen Jensen at 18:00 SLT. Then, on Thursday, May 25th, Tone Uriza will be taking to the stage at 17:00 SLT, followed at 18:00 SLT by Bat Masters.

Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room
Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

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4 thoughts on “Mistero Hifeng at The Living Room

  1. Thank you so Much Inara! We are very excited to have Mistero’s work this month. When I asked him to exhibit I squealed when he said yes lol and my mind kept screaming yay.
    It is so easy to see why he is one of your favorites. Each piece has its own story or a collective whole you are so right about mood playing on how you interpret the piece. ❤ owl


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