SL project updates 16 7/2: Unscheduled server deployments; SL viewer

Goatswood; Inara Pey, June 2015, on Flickr Recalling  Goatswood) – blog post

Unscheduled Server Deployments

Update, February 19th, 22:40 GMT: the SLS channel restarts have been completed and the Lab has issued a blog post on why they were required, which I’ve also blogged about

Update, February 19th: the deployment of the update referred to below will commence at 15:00 SLT

On Thursday, February 18th, there was an unscheduled server deployment to all three RC channels, which at the time of deployment was described as an, “Update on the simhosts. Nothing is changing Second Life functionality wise.”

Speaking at the Server Beta User Group meeting following the deployment, Steven Linden had this to say:

We had an unscheduled RC deploy earlier today. It’s for a security vulnerability that was released, and we discovered that Second Life regions were vulnerable. A full public post-mortem will be coming after we deploy to the rest of the main grid. I can’t say until it goes out to the rest of Agni; I can say that it was related to region availability only…. I honestly can’t say a great deal, other than we have a fix, and that it’s coming very soon to the rest of Agni.

All Steven could say about the issue was that a) it was related to region availability; b) it could only be exploited from within Second Life; c) there has been no evidence the issue  is being actively exploited on Agni.

However, given the apparent urgency of the situation, it is likely that the update deployed to the RC channels will be also be rolled to the Main (SLS) channel well ahead of Tuesday, the normal day for Main channel deployments and restarts.

I’ll have more on this following the post-mortem release from the Lab.

Scheduled Updates

Details are scant at the moment, but Wednesday, February 24th should see a new server maintenance package which includes some code clean up around the area of parcel bans. There’s no new functionality being added, and the changes shouldn’t break anything. More details when the update notes are published.

SL Viewer

The Quick Graphics RC viewer updated on Wednesday, February 17th to version This sees the addition of the following resolved issues:

  • MAINT-1945: Outgoing packets logging always says 0 bytes
  • MAINT-5613:  Complexity readings vary greatly for each avatar using the QuickGraphics viewer
  • MAINT-5620: Clicking on Graphics Preset title triggers favourite
  • MAINT-5681: Particles still render when complexity threshold is reached
  • MAINT-5682: Some avatars are invisible
  • MAINT-5685: Light still renders when complexity threshold is reached
  • MAINT-5690: Viewer crash when zooming out
  • MAINT-6070: Add detailed logging for how Avatar Rendering Complexity is computed.

The updates also sees the removal of SL-217: Document Avatar Complexity, from the list of resolved issues, presumably because the documentation is still a work-in-progress.

Other Items

Aditi Intellectual Property Tutorial

As mesh content creators are aware, in order to be able to upload mesh content to Second Life, you must a) have payment information on file, and b) complete the Intellectual Property Tutorial.  The same is also true for Aditi; however, a problem with the Aditi services has meant that some people have been unable to complete the tutorial there (accessed when you log-in to your Aditi dashboard), due to the test page failing to load / failing to display all the questions.

If you wish to use Aditi to upload test models of your mesh content, but have encountered issues in trying to complete the tutorial, the interim workaround is to try refreshing the page to force it to load, as there appears to be a load balancing issue in the Aditi back-end services. However, the issue is expected to be resolved for next week.