Terrygold’s visions in Second Life

Onirica - +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+
Onirica – +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+

Onirica, literally meaning “dream”, is the latest exhibition to be hosted at the +Black Label Exhibition Corner+. It features the work of Italian artist Terrygold, who also curates the Art on Roofs exhibition space at Solo Donna.

It was at Solo Donna that I first became acquainted with Terrygold’s remarkable images, during her exhibition Ceramic Dolls, which I reviewed here. At the time I was struck by the exquisite beauty of her avatar studies, and I’m pleased to say that Onirica continues in a similar vein, further illustrating her skill and artistry with design, composition and imagery.

Onirica - +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+
Onirica – +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+

The majority of art is displayed with two rooms of an exhibit space which itself forms an overall part of Onirica, and which perhaps suggests different states of vision.

In the first – which forms the arrival point – is bathed in turquoise light and features 11 pieces arranged along two walls of a room bearing a subtle hint of science-fiction about it.  Most of the pieces here are in colour, and feature Terrygold herself as the model. Two of the pieces, locating among the six lining one wall, carry an echo of Ceramic Dolls, offering something of a link between the two exhibitions, whilst two others have clearly been composed within the Onirica spaces, as is one of the pieces on the facing wall.

Onirica - +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+
Onirica – +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+

This room also features a sixth image, framed and hanging at the far end, relative to the landing point. This presents a dramatic study of a nude Terrygold standing within a room pock-marked with dimples in the floor, into which frozen drops of liquid appear to be falling, trailing long strands behind them, which disappear into the darkness overhead.

An arrow on the floor invites you to step through the picture. Doing so leads you into this room of drops, the turquoise space you have just left now framed on the wall behind you, suggesting a move from one state of dreaming to another. A single framed image lies in front of you, a further arrow inviting you to step through it. But before you do, be sure to try the poseball floating amidst the frozen drops, and become a part of Terrygold’s art yourself.

Onirica - +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+
Onirica – +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+

The third room contains a large colourful mobile surrounded by 16 further images spaced around the walls, the majority in black and white.  Some of these images again carry faint echoes of Ceramic Dolls, featuring as they a porcelain-like Terrygold. At the same time the images here are all quite individual, standing distinct from her earlier exhibition, each of them an evocative study guaranteed to capture and hold one’s attention.

Terrygold describes herself as “a builder, interested in art”. I think she is being too modest. Onirica demonstrates that in both her images and her designs, Terrygold is very much an artist first and foremost; the blending of setting and pictures within this exhibition is simply exquisite.

Onirica - +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+
Onirica – +Black Label Exhibitions Corner+

Onirica remains open through until Friday, February 12th, and is not to be missed.

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