Ceramic Dolls in Second Life

Art on Roofs - Ceramic Dolls
Art on Roofs – Ceramic Dolls

Having opened on December 4th, the latest exhibition at Solodonna Land’s Art on Roofs gallery space sees gallery curator Terrygold display some 28 pieces of her own artwork to form Ceramic Dolls.

The art, most of which is black-and-white, and all of which are beautifully posed and lit, presents the female nude, so the exhibition should be regarded as NSFW, although none of the images can be considered overtly sexual; “sensual” might be a more appropriate description.

Art on Roofs - Ceramic Dolls
Art on Roofs – Ceramic Dolls

Featuring (I believe) Terrygold herself as the model, the images utilise colour, shading, lighting and environment in such as way that the model is presented as less a living, nude exhibit, and more a part of the overall “sculpture” – hence the “ceramic dolls” of the title. That said, the finish on some of the images can present a more human appearance, while at least one has a subtle wood-grain effect apparent on the model’s skin, suggestive of her having been carved.

The combined effect of all this to draw the eye away from the nude figure and observe each image as a whole. In doing so, and with some of the images at least, a dichotomy might be created in the observer’s mind. On the one hand, the composition of the images and the appearance of the model as a ceramic lessens the purely sexual response that might otherwise occur on seeing a nude; on the other, the manner in which props are used – pins running through the model, boxes isolating breasts, hands, feet, etc.  – might suggest something of a subtle commentary on how elements of the female anatomy might be seen as purely sexual objects, or the focus of sexual desire.

Art on Roofs - Ceramic Dolls
Art on Roofs – Ceramic Dolls

Even without the more subtle possible connotations, this is a remarkable set of images, exhibiting a level of composition which is breathtaking and very real. So much so, that while I often find in visiting an exhibition I may get drawn back and re-visit one or two images in particular, Ceramic Dolls had me walking camming around and around the rooftops at Solodonna Land, visiting and re-visiting all of the images time and again.

This is a truly exquisite and evocative exhibit, one which runs through until Sunday, December 20th, and is recommended viewing.

Art on Roofs - Ceramic Dolls
Art on Roofs – Ceramic Dolls

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