Lab extends Concierge Live Chat to all Premium members

secondlifeMonday, August 17th saw the Lab slip out notice of the latest Premium membership sign-up discount under the headline Get 50% Off Premium Membership – Now with Even Better Support.

Previously appearing on a roughly quarterly basis, these offers / drives seem to have switched to bimonthly events since April 2015, which aligns them nicely with Halloween  and Christmas for the purposes of gift-giving.

Of particular interest to Premium members is the “even better support” mentioned in the headline, which the post expands thus:

Starting today, Premium Members can now receive support by live chatting directly with the Linden Lab Concierge Support team. This is the same team of Lindens that Estate owners speak to when they need help, and now all Premium Members have access to this level of support.

For those not already a Premium member, the discount period runs through until 08:00 SLT on Monday the 24th of August 2015.

Note that the discount is only available when signing-up to the monthly billing plan, and is only applicable to the first month’s payment, reducing it to US $5.00 (+VAT, if applicable). Payments thereafter revert to the usual US $9.95 (+ VAT, if applicable).

This marks the second time the discount has been applied to the monthly billing plan, the first having been in April 2015, with the June discount offer switching back to the “traditional” quarterly plan.  Whether this  means we’ll be seeing the offer alternate between monthly and quarterly plans with future discount offers, or whether the Lab is simply gauging which generates the greater interest, remains to be seen.


2 thoughts on “Lab extends Concierge Live Chat to all Premium members

  1. The yearly and quarterly rates are still the better bargain, but it’s good to see more tangible services being offered.


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