Art and private moments in Second Life

Lovegasm - Mr. S (as selected by Mrs. S)
Lovegasm – Mr. S (as selected by Mrs. S)

Now open at Max Butoh’s marvellous Dathúil gallery, beautifully curated by Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), is the August exhibition.  Lovegasm features the combined work of Mr and Mrs. S – otherwise known as Saka Infinity and Laura (LauraLar). It is one which continues to mark this venue as one of the more fascinating in Second Life for the range and depth of art displayed within its walls.

The easiest way to describe the exhibition is to quote from the opening of the introductory note which can be obtained at the gallery’s entrance:

What happens when two picture lovers meet?  When art meets love, when love inspires each other, it drives them to Lovegasm.

Lovegasm - Mrs. S, as selected by Mr. S
Lovegasm – Mrs. S, as selected by Mr. S

The result is a series of his-and-her images reflecting the relationship between the two, and sometimes as it intersects with others. All of the images are caught as personal moments in time; many apparently without the aid of specific poses, thus increasing the intimacy apparent in each of them.

The tone and approach of the images can also be gained from the introductory notes, which inform us that she is “a surprise package in the kink department” with an eye for colour composition and angle, while he has “a quest to find the soul hidden behind each avatar”, his particular muse being Laura.

Lovegasm - Mr. S, as selected by Mr. S
Lovegasm – Mr. S, as selected by Mr. S

Thus it is that we have an exhibit which offers insight into the lives or the artists which is deeply personal, while also encompassing eroticism, sexuality and a touch of kink / D/s; yet all of them contain a richly intimate feel. However, there’s something else here as well, a very subtle play that further adds to the depth of involvement for the observer.

Unlike earlier exhibits at Dathúil,  the images in Lovegasm are displayed from a series of overhead screens. These flip every three minutes (ish) between images by Mr. S and images by Mrs. S (who have each selected the works of the other for the  exhibit), or which can be manually changed using the selector on the floor of the gallery next to the middle mezzanine floor pillar. More to the point, and in reference to the visitor’s sense of involvement: the screens seem to hint that one is perhaps watching scenes unfolding elsewhere; thus casting us into the role of voyeur on the intimate and the erotic, which adds an illicit frisson entirely in keeping with the overall theme.

Lovegasm - Mrs. S, as selected by Mr. S
Lovegasm – Mrs. S, as selected by Mr. S

Also on the mezzanine itself is the couple’s “kinky shed” – a prop often used in their photography, and which they invite other photographers to use – the theme for the shed will be changing weekly during the exhibition, which will be open through until the end of August.

Another simply superb exhibition for Dathúil, and one which – as with the entire series to date – should not be missed.

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