SL project updates week 20/1: Server and viewer; outfits

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Server Deployments, Week 20

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest updates / news.

There was no main (SLS) channel deployment on Tuesday, May 11th. On Wednesday, May 12th, the three RC channels were all updated with a new server maintenance package, comprising:

  • Internal server logging changes
  • Back-end system bug fixes
  • Reply-To email changed in postcard sends

As noted in my TPV Developer meeting report for week #17, snapshots are sent via the “” domain, but use the sender’s own e-mail address as the originating address in the “from” field. This, and other ways ways in which e-mails flowing out from “” are handled has resulted in some ISPs regarding the domain as a spam domain, and have been pro-actively blocking it.

The “reply-to email changed in postcard sends” refer to a change made to how the “from” field in snapshots sent to e-mail (which the Lab refers to as “postcards”)  is addressed in an attempt to alleviate the problem.

At the time this issue was raised at the TPV Developer meeting, it was indicated that the Lab was considering removing the the snapshot to e-mail capability server-side. However, as was indicated in the meeting, doing so would break a number of wardrobe HUD systems which are popular among users. Whether or not this fix is an attempt to address the spam issue without having to remove the snapshot or e-mail functionality is currently unclear.

SL Viewer

Attachments Viewer (Project Big Bird)

The attachments viewer was promoted to release candidate status with version, release on Wednesday, May 13th. This viewer provides a series of fixes for attachment-related issues, particularly when multiple attachments are added or removed at the same time. It also has enhanced logging, so the SecondLife.log file will have some additional lines related to avatar state in general and attachments in particular.


As noted in a separate report, the Lab have now blogged about seeking assistance from open source developers in the continued development and maintenance of the Linux flavour of the viewer.

 Outfit Folder Changes

A recent change to viewer functionality means that it is no longer possible to drag and drop sub-folders of items into the My Outfits  / Outfits folder – see BUG 9209 (FIRE-15603). This change, which is in the official release viewer, is filtering out into various TPVs, and has been causing some consternation.

While it is still possible to create sub-folders within My Outfits / Outfits and drag and drop items into them, many people have tended to simply unpack new clothing items into a default folder and drag that folder (or the Direct Delivery folder for the clothing) into My Outfits / Outfits, and then sort the contents into suitable outfits from there. Others have used the Appearance floater to create outfits, save them, and then drop them into My Outfit / Outfits – which also is no longer possible.

It’s unclear precisely what problems can occur in allowing drag-and-drop in My Outfits, although it appears drag-and-drop into My Oufits was never intended to be allowed. The change itself was made by Vir Linden, shoe has most recently been working on a range of improvements to try to reduce issues of inventory loss; he is now involved in the JIRA discussion, seeking to understand use cases relating to dragging-and-dropping folders into  My Outfits.

One thought on “SL project updates week 20/1: Server and viewer; outfits

  1. Well i guess that i was right when i did refuse to use my outfits feature.
    Not only floods the inventory as each link counts as a item, also becomes a really messy one if you change and log in often with diff viewers.
    Sorry but for me nothing like using the system folder and sub folders to store my outfits, one by one, yes it can take a few seconds more to open the inventory and change an outfit but no issues arise by doing it this way.


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