Lab brings a little Skrill to provide additional payment options

secondlifeOn Tuesday, January 12th, the Lab announced the provision of new payment options for Second Life users, through a partnership with Skrill, the UK-based e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

Under the new arrangement, Second Life users have further options for their payment activities, including like buying L$ and paying account fees, as well as additional local currency options for Residents outside the United States.

The service actually soft-launched a few weeks ago, and according to the Lab, has seen some very positive results to date, hence the announcement. However, some users outside of those trying the service may have additionally noticed that Skrill themselves announced their partnership with the Lab earlier in January 8th, when they issued a press release on the matter, which reads in part:

New York, NY – 8 January 2015: Leading digital payments company, Skrill, today announces a collaboration with Linden Lab to integrate the Skrill Digital Wallet as a payment option for users of Second Life, the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world.

Skrill’s Digital Wallet provides users with a secure and easy method to send and receive Linden Dollars. Skrill 1-Tap, Skrill’s recurring payment solution, allows users to enter their information only once to enable continuous payments thereafter with just one tap or click.

As noted in the Lab’s blog post, any Second Life users with a Skrill account can now add it to their payment options under the Billing option on their dashboard.

SL users with Skrill accounts can add them to their SL billing options
SL users with Skrill accounts can add them to their SL billing options

While the service can currently only be used for any payment transactions (operating just as a credit card would), the Lab note that they hope to extend the service to encompass the processing credits (redemptions) to Skrill accounts in the future.

Given that many SL users have problems in using Credit Cards with the platform, or are unable to use PayPal, the arrangement with Skrill potentially offers a method by which they can better carry out payments and L$ purchases.

If you wish to find out more about Skrill, please visit their website.

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