Art at the End of Time

Orsini Tarantal - EOT Museum of Second Life Art
Orsini Tarantal – EOT Museum of Second Life Art

The End of Time estate, comprising a total of seven regions, is a beautiful haven open to the public which offers plenty to see and do. In particular, the estate offers two main venues for art, as well as featuring art displays through the paths and trails that wind through the estate.

The Museum of Second Life Art at The End of Time is a gallery space feature the work from both the virtual and the physical world by a number of artists with in a rotunda style building which, for me, seems to carry echoes of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Currently on display across the two floors of the gallery are pieces by Consuela Caldwell, Orsini Tarantal (RL: Javier Escudero Cuervas-Mons), JudiLynn India, Kynne Llewellyn and Max Bobair. All represent a rich variety of styles and -as noted – mix images captured in the virtual realm with pieces created in the physical realm, thus offering a highly individual gallery space  / exhibition displayed around a central free-form sculpture by Patty entitled Nude Describing a Staircase.

Kynne Llewellyn  - EOT Museum of Second Life Art
Kynne Llewellyn – EOT Museum of Second Life Art

Meanwhile, the Subway Gallery offers  a very different ambience, with the façade of a run-down quarter of a town somewhere, complete with the backdrop of industrial noises. The Subway’s latest exhibition opens at 14:00 SLT Wednesday, January 14th, features an extraordinary retrospective exhibition of poster art by Dana Pinkerton, and which celebrates the tenth anniversary of her rezday.

Dana Pinkerton - EOT Subway Gallery
Dana Pinkerton – EOT Subway Gallery

On display are some 30-ish posters Dana has created over the years, each featuring other avatars in what is a striking and very individual approach to portraiture. Many of the images on display feature SL DJs (Dana herself is a DJ as well as an artist and club owner), and may be familiar to some from the profile pictures of the subjects. The exhibit space itself has the feeling of being divided into two halves: the first room features posters with a high level of ambient lighting and more muted, natural colours, while those in the back room of the gallery are far more vibrant in colour and have something of an 80’s movie poster look about them.

During the opening event, a limited number of selected works, signed by the artist, will be available for sale, and there is an open invitation for those so interested to attend.

Dana Pinkerton - EOT Subway Gallery
Dana Pinkerton – EOT Subway Gallery

Wander the estate, and you’ll find other art on display – such as the “trash-art” sculptures by ZTAR Magic , a member of the LastPlak Collective. The estate also usually features Feather Boa’s remarkable “Butterflies” exhibit as well, displayed along an open-air walk, but is currently on loan to Art Forest through until the end of January 2015.

ZTAR Magic - EOT Ztar Magic Garden
ZTAR Magic – EOT Ztar Magic Garden

I’ll have more on End of time and my return blogging visit under a separate title; in the meantime, I’ll leave you with the relevant SLurls.

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