Home improvements (again)

Building on the island: revising things to provide room for a new plane and moorings for visitors
Building on the island: revising things to provide room for one of my new planes and moorings for visitors

As a result of expanding my selection of SL aircraft with a Beechcraft C90 and C33, both from DSA (I’ve really got this SL flying bug rather bad!), I decided I wanted to have one or other of them rezzed and ready to go at my little home island; after all, what’s the point of having something like an aeroplane (or a boat – or two for that matter) if you’ve constantly got to pull it out of your purse / suitcase / handbag / attaché case (or however you think of your inventory) to use it, when you have the space to show it off?

Truth be told, I’ve actually had an on-and-off nagging issue with the design of my little island for a while now. As regular readers may know, part of the island has been laid out to provide a stand for my PBY-6A Catalina, with a south-facing ramp to provide access to the water for take-offs. The problem here has been that the ramp led into what is pretty much a main navigation channel, while at the same time made the southern end of the parcel pretty much unusable.

As the island looked before the changes
As the island looked before the changes

Given this, I’d been thinking of re-arranging things for a while, but until the arrival of my new toys, I didn’t really have the motivation to get on with it. However, that I had been thinking of things did give me a loose idea of what I wanted to do before I started pulling things apart and gluing them back together.

First off, the Catalina stand and ramp got rotated through 90-degrees. This required a certain amount of fiddling, as the parcel is fairly narrow, so I had to spend time cutting and rotating and generally faffing with a prim to get a ramp that fit within the parcel boundary, didn’t cut too deeply into the land and which wasn’t so ridiculously steep the Catalina wouldn’t be able to climb it without grounding the hull and getting stuck.

The revised east facing ramp for the Catalina and the widened water basin for mooring boats
The revised east facing ramp for the Catalina and the widened water basin for mooring boats

Once done, this freed-up the southern end of the island so I could make better use of that end of the parcel. As a result, and without dragging this all out, I’ve been able to add moorings for one of the additional ‘planes (which will be the C33  Debonair by default) and a place where visitors can moor their boats without a lot of additional faffing around on my part and hanging things in the air to make space for them. The move gave also me the opportunity to widen the water basin between the north and south sides of the island, providing additional mooring space there, if needed.

An unexpected outcome of this work was a reduction in the overall LI of all the structural elements on the south end of the island; not by a lot, but enough to allow me to add to the garden while still keeping a very decent ceiling of “free” capacity on the land. At the moment I’m thinking of adding a screen of small trees to visibly separate house & gardens from my budding “airport”, to give the former a greater feeling of privacy on those days when flying and boating aren’t that important.

The home changes even provide enough room for the C90 King Air
The home changes even provide enough room for the C90 King Air, if needed

So am I happy with the outcome? Overall, yes. At least until the next time the urge to glue prims together and play with mesh comes over me :).


3 thoughts on “Home improvements (again)

  1. Since you moved, i can always found out your home, (when it was near the Airport is it was much harder to find i;)) and as many of the cruises pass by it, next time ill mkae sure to check it.
    And i’m still hoping to see you sailing that Looneta of yours on one of the cruises i use to be in,
    I know it is hard to have time to all (when was the last time i did fly or took a bike ride:(), but i can assure you, it is a lot of fun.


    1. I would have said the easiest way of spotting my place would be seeing the dirty great big Catalina sitting on the south end of the island ;-). I’ve not seen any cruises pass by, so I’m guessing a lot of them take place when I’m not in-world & at home, or when I’m off meeting appointments at galleries or rambling through a region or two I’m exploring.


  2. Normally they are all around 1 pm slt, Sunday (lcc), monday (topless sailors) and friday (cnf) or at 5am sat and 10am sund (rainbow), another group the Europeans sailors does cruises almost all days but at even early hours.
    But i do think there are more sailing groups around, for later hours.


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