A trip to the Mountains of Madness, all in a good cause

lovecraftI received a notice about the 2014 Lovecraft Festival, which opened on Monday August 18th, and runs through until Monday August 25th.

Timed to coincide with the anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft’s birth (August 20th), the festival has been organised by the HP Lovecraft Roleplay (and more) Group of Second Life (HPL RPG), and once again features the Autism National Committee (AutCom) of the United States as its featured charity.

The event region is split into two areas. The arrival point is located up in the sky, together with a region-wide vendor and events area. This offers a range of merchant stalls, and the main stage area, which will feature concerts by Nightwish, Apocalyptica and Cradle of Filth, with The Tales of the Uncanny Cabaret will present its stage show as well.

As well as the live entertainment, there will also be numerous DJ event taking place, and a special trivia hunt will be running right through the festival, with cash prizes and gift cards available to the winners. The full schedule of events is available on the festival’s website.

Down on the region itself is the interactive adventure from which this year’s festival takes its name: At The Mountains of Madness. This is based on Lovecraft’s 1931 novel of the same name, and allows intrepid individuals or groups to re-tread the footsteps of professor emeritus of geology, William Dyer and his colleagues on an expedition to Antarctica. Here they find themselves confronted with incredible and terrifying truths as they seek to unravel the mystery surrounding the fate of a group of colleagues led by Professor Lake.

Those wishing to participate in the adventure can do so by making their way diagonally across the vendor / event area to the docks and the SS Lovecraft. Here they can equip themselves for the expedition at the warehouse  and pick-up a note card outlining suitable viewer settings by which the adventure can be enjoyed. Once suitably attired, adventurers can board the Lovecraft and click the large ship’s wheel on her stern deck to be transported to Antarctica, and the remnants of the camp occupied by Professor Lake’s team. From here, the adventure begins, across and under the ice …

With both the adventure and the events / vendor area, the festival has a lot to offer visitors, whether or not they are fans of H.P. Lovecraft.

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