Lab issue viewer with a revised log-in screen

The Lab has been experimenting with a revised log-in screen for the official viewer. The viewer, version, is referred to as offering  “a simple and clean login screen for new users.”

In actual fact, the viewer offers two log-in screens, although one of them (shown in the image below) will only be displayed the very first time a new user runs the viewer (or if an existing users performs a completely clean install of this release candidate).

The log-in splash screen new users will see when launching the viewer for the first time (or existing users will see following a clean install)
The log-in splash screen new users will see when launching the viewer for the first time (or existing users will see following a clean install)

Those who have previously logged-in to Second Life (or have not performed a clean install) will see a more familiar log-in screen on starting the viewer, and will immediately notice that the log-in credentials area has been relocated to the top of the screen (see the image below).

The keen-eyed may also notice that the Create Your Account option that used to appear over on the right of the log-in credentials area, and which was introduced as the Lab were making the viewer available through Steam, has been completely removed.

The new log-in splash screen sees the removal of the Create Your Account option and the placement of the log-in options at the top of the screen in a new header area
The new log-in splash screen most users will encounter sees the log-in credentials area moved to the top of the screen and the removal of the Create Your Account option

The new header area offers three independent log-in options:

  • At last location – as  most users will be familiar with, logs you in to your last location; you’ll also be logged in to that location if you type-in an avatar’s name and password and tap ENTER as per the current viewer log-in screen
  • My Favourite Places – a drop-down which lets you choose to log-in to your home location, or any landmark you have dragged and dropped into the viewer’s Favourites Bar / the My Favourites folder in your Inventory
  • The familiar Type a Location text entry box, allowing you to type-in the name of a specific region / sim to which you want to log in.

Note that if you have the grid selection drop-down active, it appears to the right of the log-in options, as shown in the enlarged view, below.

A closer look at the revised log-in area and the three separate options
A closer look at the revised log-in area and the three separate options

Relocating the log-in area like this certainly makes it a lot more attention-grabbing for new users, although existing users are likely going to have to go through a period of muscle memory re-training to get used to things, assuming this progresses to the status of being the de facto release viewer.

I suspect the three log-in options, with their separate buttons may generate a mixed response among existing users; I’m not altogether convinced by them myself. I assume that things have been done this way due to the addition of the My Favourites drop-down, combined with feedback from new users as to what they’d like to see. However, when taken as a whole, the approach comes over as clumsy and potentially less than intuitive, particularly when compared to the older version, which offered a logical left-to-right flow of information.

Outside of the log-in screen updates, this version of the viewer doesn’t appear to contain any additional functional updates, but does include a fix to prevent the viewer crashing when opening Preferences.

One thing I did notice while fiddling with this version of the viewer, is that if you already have landmarks in your viewer’s Favourites Bar / in the My Favourites folder, they may not actually appear in the drop-down in the log-in area until  after the first time you’ve used the viewer to log-in to SL. Similarly, should you subsequently log-in with another version of the SL viewer, you will need to log-in to SL at least once with this viewer to get your Favourites to again be displayed in the drop-down. Given most users don’t hop between different versions of the same viewer that often, this shouldn’t be a problem for those opting to grab a copy of this viewer and take it from a run.

At the time of writing, the viewer has yet to be added to the official Alternate Viewers wiki page, as it is experimental. I suspect it will appear there soon if the project is carried forward. In the meantime, please use the link to the release notes and download options at the top of this page if you wish to look at the viewer yourself.


4 thoughts on “Lab issue viewer with a revised log-in screen

  1. There was no mention of a login at you home location option.
    Has it been removed as an option.


  2. There are 2 minor functional updates that i have observed so far if they can even be called that. The first is more of a bug fix and that is if you type a location name manually as a start location then press ‘enter’ it properly initiates login now. On the current LL release viewer (and as far back as i can remember), pressing ‘enter’ with a manually typed start location does nothing other than to just select the text of the typed location. The login button had to be pressed manually to initiate login.

    The second one is the autocompletion of the user name field if having signed in before with multiple accounts based on the first couple of letters typed into the username field. But there is a bug that comes with it. If the passwords are different for the different accounts, the password field is not automatically filled in with the proper password for username that was autofilled. If logging in without typing the password manually every time for each account that has a different password, login will fail with a credential error. A report was filed about this quite a while back and accepted but no changes were ever made to fix it. Apparently the Lindens don’t care.


    1. Thanks. I didn’t actually fiddle with the log-in or location after setting my CTA’s name for logging-in, and then playing with the My Favourites.


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